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Dorothy Q Chapter NSDAR


The Dorothy Q Chapter, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, met at 2 p.m. Sept. 17 in the Elston Memorial House, with Regent Michele Borden presiding, as she welcomed 20 members and one special guest, Crawfordsville attorney Dan Taylor.

Regent Michele Borden opened the meeting beginning the call to order leading us in reciting, The Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, and Preamble to the Constitution, followed by singing the National Anthem. Rachel Brown led us in singing our American Heritage song of the month, “My Country Tis of Thee.”

Before the Business meeting began, Regent Borden gives thanks to Past Regent Rita Kirkpatrick for all her hard work during the last two years as the Chapter’s Regent, and then welcomed new members — Patricia Crumrin, Claire Kedvesh, Linda Miller, Shannon Hudson, Leslie Gaudreau and Laura Moffat.

Gloria White read the President General’s Message, congratulating us on a new year of DAR and announcing our newly designed website. The National Defender Report was read by Ericia Church on America’s Historical Events for the month of September. Such events include the Continental Congress declaring the new name of our nation as the United States of America, Francis Scott Key writing the star spangled banner on Sept. 14, and the signing of the American constitution on Sept. 17.

Terri Fyffe had attended the West Central District Meeting in August and presented the Dorothy Q chapter awards that where received; including 100% participation in the General’s Message Project, A 10% net increase of memberships, 0 resignations or drops for the years of 2021 to 2022, and recognition for the Patriot Plaque dawning the front porch of the Dorothy Q house.

Regent Michele Borden then brought up for discussion, the yearbook and thanked Terri Fyffe for taking the time and effort in compiling this booklet and further explained to the new members the importance of the yearbook to use as a resource and asked everyone to please review responsibilities for their assigned duties on Committees and hostess for the year ahead. Rachel Brown then took the floor to discuss Forever DAR, an instructional document for one’s family to go with a chapter member’s will.

Today’s Special Program; Dan Taylor spoke on John Dickinson and the signing of the Constitution. The lecture was highly informative on John Dickinson’s life and his contribution to the revolution.

Everyone then adjourned to the dining room for refreshments. A beautiful array of cherry delight, pumpkin pie, candy corn, and tea were provided by our gracious hostesses, Barb Taylor, Linda Keith, Rita Kirkpatrick and Shannon Hudson. After refreshments, members returned to the meeting room.

Regent Michele Borden read the minutes from our June meeting as she was Recording Secretary at the time. They were approved as read. Rachel Brown read the Treasures Report, in which Jo Dailey purchased a picnic table for Camp Atterbury. Terri Fyffe motioned to match the purchase for another picnic table using the banner sales, Gay Eagleston second the motion, motion carried. Rachel Brown then announced two bills that needed to be paid; cost for printing the banner packets and the yearbook pagination fee. Terri Fyffe motions to reimburse Michele Borden from the banner funds, Gay Eagleston second the motion, motion carried. Pam Allen motions to reimburse Terry Fyffe for the yearbook, Leslie Gaudreau 2nd the motion, motion carried. Rachel Brown Takes a moment to remind the chapter of three ways to donate to Dorothy Q and the school Kate Duncan Smith; Kroger card, Box tops for education and Amazon smile.

Chaplain Sharon Southern then recited the oath of membership for Linda Moffat and Leslie Gaudreau before leading the group in prayer.

Regent Borden then began with our Committee Reports: Banners; Regent Borden Tells of our wild success of the banners being sold out within a few hours and waiting list filled for next year. Susan Fisher also announces a high interest received from many towns in Fountain County. Conservation Report; Sharon Southern Brings reusable cotton swabs to the attention of the group. Each reusable can replace over 1000 single use cotton swabs and can simply be cleaned with soap and water. Jan Bridge on Native American Indians; Bridge tells her husband’s family story and the Fall Creek Massacre that fell upon the Harper family of Butler County Ohio. Coupons; Regent Kirkpatrick ask that all new coupons are cut out and preferably counted for her to more easily mail off and how grateful the Service Men and Women are to our Chapter for these for sending the Military Bases theses manufacture coupons. DAR Schools; Rachel Brown advised earlier in the meeting about box tops for education, Kroger cards, and Amazon smiles to support our DAR school. Flag; Alexandria Southern announces that no new States have been added to the Union since 1959 making this iteration of the flag the longest standing of 63 years without change. Cares and Concerns; Sharon Southern is set to send one new get well card new member Pat Crumrin on their knee surgery. Regent Michele Borden then reads a thank you letter for all the well wishes and help from the Norton family in their time of need. Birthdays; Sharon Southern, September 14th. Judy Fifer, September 19th. Ashley Tice, Sept. 17. Rita Kirkpatrick, Sept. 24. Cheryl Justice, Sept. 27.

New Business; Kikthawenund Chapter; Michele Borden reminds of the town Pendleton’s Kikthawenund DAR chapter Invitation to the dedication of 2 memorial markers for soldiers of the American revolution at 1 p.m. Oct. 10. NSDAR; Thank you veteran T-shirts are available until Oct. 8 through online orders.

Elston Memorial Foundation; Rachel Brown takes the floor to inform and explain to new members, the difference between Elston Memorial Foundation and the Dorothy Q chapter House. This included the search for a new handyman to take care of the maintenance of the house and the pantry project which saved several of our important documents.

Historic Preservation Grant; Susan Fisher passes out pamphlets in regards to the Fountain County Cades Mill Covered Bridge and announces the Historic Preservation Grant Award was presented to the Fountain County Art Council recently as this was the only Grant received in the State of Indiana for the maximum amount from NSDAR. The Cades Mill Covered Bridge is in dire need of restoration work in order to save this Historic Bridge.

Project Patriot; Don’t forget to bring in your short story of your ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War to share and to be submitted to State & Nationals to assist others joining NSDAR.

Next month’s meeting is at 1 p.m. Oct. 15 at the Elston Memorial Home for a luncheon and guided tour of the Elston memorial home by Terri Fyffe.


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