Dorothy Q Chapter, NSDAR


The Dorothy Q Chapter, NSDAR, met May 11 at the Elston Memorial Home. Twelve Dorothy Q daughters were present.

Michele Borden, Regent, called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. She welcomed all members in attendance and introduced our recently renewed member Jodie Wilson who will be our speaker today.

Each year we hold a memorial service for any member who passed this year. Michele led the service for Linda Carol Riley Busenbark (Mrs. Kenneth) who had been a member since 2019 and was well liked by all. Michele and Linda had done genealogy research together and had many laughs along the way. Lifelong friends. Michele shared many happy memories.

Gloria White read the President General’s Message and Ericia Church delivered the National Defender Report.

Michele asked Terri Fyffe to read the minutes from our last meeting on April 20. Rita Kirkpatrick moved, and Ericia Church seconded to approve the minutes as read. Motion passed. Terri suggested that for future meetings she send the minutes via email to all members with an email account and save the time of reading through the minutes at the meeting. Members can bring any changes or corrections to the next meeting, and then we can approve the previous month’s minutes either as corrected or presented.

Michele stepped in for Rachel Brown, treasurer. The treasurer’s report remains the same as last month since this meeting was moved up a week due to the INDAR State Conference, and the bank statements had not arrived in time. It will be filed for audit.

Standing Committee Reports:

Military Banners – Susan Fisher gave us a report that Veedersburg has 48 banners, Covington has 48, Attica has 35 and Crawfordsville 30. They are displayed November to November each year. These banners honor the service of a man or woman who served in any war on behalf of the United States of America. All banners have been purchased for the 2024-25 year.

DAR Project Patriot – Judy Fifer continues to collect coupons and mail them to various military bases that accept them. Sent over 500 last month.

Cares & Concern: Please remember Gay Eagleston who broke her foot, and Ericia Church who injured her ankle and is wearing a boot.

Chapter Anniversaries: We recognized Betty Pate for 20 years, Judy Fifer for 10, Ericia Church for 10 currently, and Rita Kirkpatrick for 20 years as of July.

Those who will be attending the 123rd INDAR State Conference, May 16-18, are Michele Borden, Terri Fyffe, Barb Taylor and her niece, Terri Branson.

The Elston Memorial Foundation (our chapter house) will be holding a fundraiser Bake Sale on June 15 during Strawberry Festival weekend. All members are asked to bring donations and to sign up to work if possible. It will be held in our back yard at 400 E. Wabash Ave. Remember the objectives of our society:

Education – Let’s support the Lew Wallace Study ArchiCamp.

“ArchiCamp is an architecture-themed camp that uses historic local buildings and imaginative activities to educate and excite children about Montgomery County history and instill stewardship and responsibility for our cultural heritage.” — from the Lew Wallace Study website. Susan moved to donate $375 to the Lew Wallace Study in support of the ArchiCamp. Judy Fifer seconded. Motion carried.

Patriotism — our banners, participation in veteran events, and donations

Historical Preservation — our historic chapter house — The Elston Memorial Home — was built in 1882 and we continue to do what is necessary to maintain and support our well-loved property. Dorothy Q (the Elston Memorial Foundation) purchased the home direct from the Elston family in 1926.

Next month’s meeting will be June 8, due to the Strawberry Festival being held on our normal meeting day. We will meet at the General Lew Wallace Study at noon for a guided tour. Cost is $7 per person. For those who do not wish to tour, you should meet at the house at 1 p.m. The hostess committee is Terri Fyffe, chair, Linda Keith, Pam Rager, and Michele Borden.

Susan Fisher brought up the idea of giving back to the four communities who have enthusiastically supported our military banner programs. She suggested that we donate $500 each to the American Legion or VFW Post in each town of Crawfordsville, Veedersburg, Covington and Attica. Terri Fyffe moved, and Ericia Church seconded to make these donations. Vote unanimous. Susan wll inform us at our next meeting where each donation will be sent.

Susan next brought up the outgoing Regent’s gift. Last month $50 was voted to go towards an NSDAR pin of Michele’s choice. Susan mentioned that $100 has been given to the last two regents. Susan moved and Ericia seconded to raise the amount of the outgoing Regent’s gift to $100. Vote unanimous.

Michele introduced our speaker today, Jodie Wilson, speaking on Native Plants of Indiana. Jodie and her family live on a farm in Vermillion County near the Smith Cemetery established in the 1820s. Due to the age and wild nature of this cemetery it still contains many native prarie plants of old Indiana thought to be now extinct. The Department of Natural Resources cares for this cemetery. Each spring it is burned off so that seeds in the ground spring forth. It is never mowed. Sixty-five different native plants have been documented and are protected in this cemetery. No one may dig up any plant or harvest seeds. If a seed blows to the nearby gravel pit and takes root, Jodie has permission to harvest any of those.

Native prarie plants generally take less water as they have grown old in this land. They provide food for many pollinators and insects thereby improving our overall environment.

Doug Tallamy, an entomologist and ecologist, has written several books on the subject if you are interested in further study.

Jodie informed us that the Crawfordsville District Public Library has a Seed Library where patrons may pick out seeds of differing types. If you have a low spot in your yard, you may want a plant that absorbs water for example.

Visit Prairie Moon Nursery online at, where you may shop for native seeds and plants for gardening and restoration.

Our thanks for today’s hostess committee, Melody Davis and Sharon Southern.