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Dorothy Q Chapter of the NSDAR


The Dorothy Q Chapter, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, met at 2 p.m. May 8 in the Elston Memorial House, with Regent Rita Kirkpatrick presiding, as she welcomed 10 members and six guests: Betsey (Broshear) Swisher and Gary and Natalie (Lofland) Newton and David Lofland. Also prospective members, Rachel Eckerle and Linda Miller.

Today’s special program: Memorial service honoring two past members of Dorothy Q Chapter of NSDAR, Pat Broshear and Lela Lofland.

Regent Rita Kirkpatrick opened the meeting beginning the call to order leading us in reciting, The Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed and Preamble to the Constitution, followed by singing the National Anthem. Rachel Brown led us in singing our American Heritage song of the month, “America the Beautiful.”

Gloria White read the Presidents General’s Message, conducting business of Continental Congress virtually. The National Defender Report was read by Ericia Church on America’s Historical Events for the month of May. Regent Kirkpatrick relays May 8 is known as VE Day Victory in Europe Day, celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces. Churchill’s broadcast was said “to allow ourselves a brief rejoicing as Japan remains unsubdued.” Truman’s radio broadcast in America, he said, it was “a victory only half won.”

Before the Business meeting began, Regent Kirkpatrick relays; time to pay tribute to two wonderful and devoted past members of Dorothy Q Chapter, NSDAR, Lela Lofland and Pat Broshear. Turning the Memorial Service over to Chaplain Sharon Southern who led prayer while Ericia Church lit candles in observance of these two fine ladies. Members and guests shared many fond memories and relayed their stories with true affection and admiration. They will be sadly missed.

Everyone then adjourned to the dining room for refreshments, admiring a beautiful pink springtime setting with donuts and coffee being served. Special thanks to the hostess who provided refreshments, Susan Fisher and Rita Kirkpatrick. After refreshments, members returned to the meeting room.

Michele Borden read the minutes from our April meeting. They were approved as read. Rachel Brown read the treasurer’s report, stating she has two bills to pay; Terri Fyffe to reimburse for replacing the coffee pot and Ericia Church for scrapbook material. Linda Busenbark made a motion to pay the bills and Sharon Southern seconded motion, motion carried.

Regent Kirkpatrick relays, let’s begin with our Committee Reports: Conservation Report; Sharon Southern relays her information on the decrease in the lightening bug/fireflies due to three known factors, habitat loss, toxic chemicals and light pollution from stationary streetlights, homes, vehicle headlights, large signs. Fireflies communicate with their glowing light to find one another; research has shown fireflies are thrown off by amount of light that appears after dark — something to think about. Linda Busenbark on Native American Indians; The invention of the Cherokee alphabet, created by Sequoyah, who was born near the village of Tuskegee, Tennessee, born early 1800’s. He is the only man in the history of mankind to invent a complete alphabet, without being able to read or write any other language. He was instrumental in advising the Cherokees in a path of wisdom. Sequoyah worked out 86 symbols which represented all sounds in his language, bringing to the Cherokee people a way of writing. DAR Magazine; Regent Kirkpatrick tells of the newsletter that comes in the Spirit Magazine and the May/June issue features, Indiana State Regent, Charlotte Blair. DAR Schools, Rachel Brown advised, box tops for education, you may send Rachel Brown your receipts from purchases (within 10 days) and she can scan those on phone app for credit.

New Business; Rita states, when a motion has been made on the floor and has been proposed, during this time you have freedom of voice for discussion/debate, to amend topic from original motion, doing this before second motion is made. Main motions and secondary motions work together in maintaining order. Insignia/Donated Medals; Pins and Ribbons here in the house have been donated from previous members, these ribbons and pins must stay in the house. Let’s think about what is best, two options; 1st make available for our own members to purchase, or 2nd option, put in a shadow box for display. Good Citizen Committee; Michele Borden led discussion to increase the value of the gift donation for each Good Citizen Award winner that is chosen from each of the Montgomery County high schools. Motion was made by Terri Fyffe to increase the awards; Regent Kirkpatrick asks any discussion to motion? Susan Fischer seconded motion, motion carried. Scrapbook storage; Begin cleaning of the pantry closet in order to make room for the books of minutes and scrapbooks. Donation; Terri Fyfe presents to the Chapter, an original framed NSAD Certificate of membership of Ethel VanCleave Fosbui admitted, February 1, 1929, donated by Helen Swearengin. Amazon Smile; Terri adds when thinking of fundraisers for the Chapter, asks members to consider participating in Amazon Smile website. Looking into a new website for Dorothy Q Chapter NSDAR and adding in a fundraiser for tours of the house, by appointment only. We will need volunteers for hostesses from our Chapter. This new website must be approved by state and nationals. Dorothy Q picture; Terri relays, Chapter can purchase an 8”X10” print of Dorothy Q, to hang in the House from the Massachusetts Historical Society. This picture was based on the poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Dorothy Q, who was born in 1709, the family home was taken over by the British, a painting hanging in the home of Dorothy Q was damaged -by that of Red Coats swords piercing the canvas. Rachel Brown makes a motion to purchase an 8x10” Dorothy Q color print from the Massachusetts Historical Society, Susan second motion, motion carries. Yearbook increases; Rita states the prices of paper is on the rise along with all wood items. Therefore we need to increase the amount in the Chapter Dues of Printing Cost, it was discussed and Terri Fyffe makes a motion to raise the printing cost, Ericia Church seconds, motion carries. New Members; Regent Kirkpatrick discusses the tradition of giving a gift to new members, as in the past the Regent purchases a DAR lapel pin, thoughts or suggestions of one-year subscription of Spirit Magazine? State Regent and Stepping Stones; State Regent Charlotte Blair had suggested putting stones around the flag pole or DAR Sign of names of all patriots the from Montgomery County. It was mentioned names of Montgomery County Revolutionary War Patriots are on a Bronze Wall Plaque on the House Porch.

Thank you; A thank you letter was received from Indiana State Regent Charlotte Blair for inviting her to our dedication ceremony of the 250th year Anniversary Wall Plaque and the monetary donation to the State Regent project. A thank you card was sent to member Jo Daley of our appreciation for her donation to the Chapter.

In closing Rita adds yearbook changes are needed before June 19. State Conference is May 14-16; and Continental Congress is June 2-July 4.

Project Patriot: Don’t forget bring in your short story of your ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War to share and to be submitted to state and nationals to assist others joining NSDAR.

Next month meeting is 2 p.m. June 19 at the Elston Memorial Home for a Patriotic Program: American Flag - Etiquette and Rules, with guest speaker, Mike Spencer, of the American Legion. Sharon Southern gave the benediction, meeting was adjourned.


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