Study to show Ben-Hur on big screen

Showing of silent film sponsored by Wabash College Classics Department


The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum is proud to present a big-screen showing of the entire 1925 silent Ben-Hur. Sponsored by the Wabash College Classics Department, this blockbuster movie will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Room 104 of Hays Hall.

The 1925 cinematic adaptation starred Ramon Novarro as Judah Ben-Hur and Francis X. Bushman as Messala. This film, seen as one of the finest silent films ever made, marked the end of two eras. MGM’s colossal production epitomized the tradition of spectacular silent epics. Additionally, the film came at the end of almost six decades in which Lew Wallace’s “Ben-Hur, A Tale of the Christ” was never far from the center of American religious life and popular culture.

Henry Wallace, Lew’s son, received $600,000 for the sale of the film rights. The 1925 Ben-Hur cost $4 million to film, making it the most expensive silent film ever made. The movie opened Dec. 30, 1925 to rave reviews, earned $6.1 million, and revolutionized the film industry. Henry Wallace was able to see his father’s film in theatres shortly before his death in January of 1926.

This presentation is free and open to the public. Complimentary refreshments will be available. For more information call Larry Paarlberg at 765-362-5769 or email lpaarlberg@ben-hur.com.