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The Hillsboro Town Board met Oct. 11 in the Town Hall. President Ed Moyer led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. All board members were present.

The 2022 budget (Ordinance 2021-4) was adopted on a motion by Dewaine Bowling and a second from Jody Fishero. Motion carried unanimously.

The acceptance minutes of the Sept. 13 board meeting was made in a motion by Fishero and seconded by Bowling. Motion carried unanimously.

The acceptance of the minutes for the Sept. 27 public hearing meeting was made in a motion by Bowling and seconded by Fishero. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business: Nuisance Violations

Two of the properties discussed last month have done nothing to clean up the properties and will be sent a citation letter. The third property has been cleaned up and was abated.

Moyer is still waiting on a phone call about the town being able to fix some ADA problems in the downtown area. He will also be doing some work on the police department’s Internet service in the next two weeks.

Clerk-Treasurer Angie Golia reported on several items. She has received some information about buying new signage regarding on Ordinance 2021-5 regarding new speed limit of 20 mph on several Hillsboro streets. She will be checking on the number of signs needed, how far apart they go and the cost.  This ordinance was passed on a motion by Fishero and a second by Bowling.  Motion carried unanimously.

She also said that since the wastewater grant was denied she and Tom Fishero have discussed the matter with a county official and found that there may be another way to get the money needed. If Hillsboro can get a grant, it would allow the extension of the sewer line to a business that is going to expand. The addition of more employees and the additional manufacturing cannot be handled by their current system. Board member Jody Fishero will draft a letter of details to be sent to the county official.

The Community Crossings Grant has not been awarded yet. Word was received that Hillsboro did not receive either the SWIF Grant or the Stormwater Drainage Grant.

Tom Fishero, utilities superintendent, reported he has not yet received a date for the water tower to be cleaned. If the company does not call before the end of this month, the cleaning won’t be done until spring 2022. The equipment that had finally been working has quit again. It is being checked out again in the hopes that it can be fixed.

Scott Rainey, town marshal, is waiting on a call for the date of the training for the two new reserve officers. He will notify them as soon as he hears.

New Business: New Nuisance Violations

There were eight new violations discussed. Old fallen tree debris, outdated licenses plates on vehicles sitting around, trash and litter in yard or on porches, and various household items sitting on porches or in yards were reasons for these new violations. There will be citations for each property.

Moyer reported the Wellhead Protection Plan Report was ready to look over and then to approve.

Tom Fishero asked if there was any funding left for the fire department’s repairs. Golia will see what funds can be made available. Fishero also stated the new tires will be needed for the pickup before winter. He will get a quote but stated that he believed they would be around $600. He also reminded them that since he has no help, there will be no leaves vacuumed in town. Citizens should not rake leaves into the streets of town as they will not be picked up.  Also, no leaves may be burned in the streets. If you burn them, you must do them somewhere in your yards, preferably in a barrel or a fire ring so that the fire cannot spread.

Golia received only one contract for animal control. CFL was awarded the contract on a motion by Bowling and a second from Jody Fishero. Motion carried unanimously. A board member, clerk or marshal are the only ones who may tell CFL to go after an animal. After hours, call Town Hall and Golia will leave a message on the machine giving you a number to call.

Golia said the town had unpaid utility bills over several years totaling $2,546.77. Since it is unlikely the money will ever be collected, she asked if there was a way to “write them off.” Stu Weliever, town attorney, said that she would need a resolution. She had gotten a copy of one from another town and made some changes to it and gave it to Weliever for review. It will be up for discussion and adoption at the next meeting.

Claims were read and a motion from Jody Fishero and a second from Bowling was passed unanimously.

Citizen Michelle Threlkeld presented information on the closing of some alleys around her properties. She already had posted a public notice on the public hearing, which was Oct. 11, has information and approval from neighbors and is asking what to do next. There will be an ordinance needed and passed for the abandonment of said alleys and this will be done at the November meeting.

Hillsboro Trick or Treat is 4-8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31.

Next meeting is 6:30 p.m. Nov. 17. Please note the change.


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