Kiwanis Club recognizes top senior students


The Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club recently honored the academic achievements of the top 15 senior students from each of the three Montgomery County High Schools.

These exceptional students, who have demonstrated outstanding academic prowess, were invited to a celebratory luncheon hosted by the Kiwanis Club, featuring Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Vice President for Engagement and Director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development at Purdue University, West Lafayette, as the keynote speaker.

Gallardo’s address focused on the importance of engagement, service and personal growth, imparting valuable insights to the attending students through four key pillars:

Investing in the Community: Encouraging students to consider returning to Montgomery County after completing their education, utilizing their talents and skills to contribute to the local community.

Championing Goals: Inspiring students to become champions of their aspirations, emphasizing the significance of determination and perseverance in achieving their dreams.

Public Service: Advocating for public service as a means to effect positive change, urging students to consider roles in public office to serve their community and beyond.

Entrepreneurship: Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among students, highlighting the potential for innovation and economic growth through starting their own businesses.

The event also featured recognition of the outstanding students from each school:

Crawfordsville High School — Thomas Bowling, Tyson Fuller, Whitman Horton, Elizabeth Jeffries, Hayden Jeffries, Aleyah Jones, Campbell Mason, Jada Moore, Jaycie Myers, James Novak, Kristin Thompson, Brenden Warren, Gabrielle Warren, Nivek Witt and Zion Zacarias.

North Montgomery High School ­— Gavin Berry, Kyle Bowman, Alexander Chapman, Miranda Crowe,  Ella Fritzen, Brooklynn Hamm, Jarrod Kirsch, Paul Lueking, Sophia Morris, Sydney Neideffer, Eva Rose, Brent Runyan, Zurisadai Santana Roldan, Emily Schaub and Trista Thomas.

Southmont High School — Megan Andrews, Alana Bowman, Ryan Bowman, Jessica Bradley, Jacob Fox, Waylon Gomez, Hailey Hester, Chloe Jenkins, Hanna Long, William Myers, Calinn Murphy, Saryah Paul, Abigail Sayler, Nichole Spurr and Joshua Troutman.

The Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club extends heartfelt congratulations to all the recognized students for their remarkable achievements and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.

The Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club is a local chapter of Kiwanis International, dedicated to serving the children and communities of Montgomery County through various service projects and initiatives. With a focus on leadership development and community engagement, the club strives to make a positive impact on the lives of youth and families in the region.