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Letter: A promise made and kept


A man made a promise to his wife and it’s been Pam’s Promise ever since. I am super grateful for this place. I’m grateful for so many things at this moment. Many people have had brokenness in their lives and I am one of them. I am writing this because I realize the importance of Pam’s Promise for women and children in our community. Without Pam’s Promise I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have both internally and externally.

Pam’s Promise gave me so much. Have you ever had a home with no foundation? A place to stand yet nothing beneath your feet, wanting so badly to begin living again. No place to lay your head at night, no place to eat or freshen up or to tackle the day’s obstacles. I have had the opportunity to begin living; to start over, move forward repairing the damage caused by my own hand. Removing trash I never intended on picking up and begin to heal.

Pam’s Promise is only possible by community donations and I am grateful to all who have donated time, money and necessities. I have had a healthy, stable environment to begin taking care of things I needed to address and live. Pam’s Promise was the foundation I needed as many other women need. The directors took time out of their lives and busy schedules to get to know me and my story. They shared ideas, helpful tips, how to better prioritize and reach goals, save money, a listening ear and they gave me lots of love.

I don’t think anyone can wrap their head around how important this place was for me to begin living again. I needed Pam’s Promise. The importance of having this place and other programs like this is essential in our community.

Pam’s Promise needs the community to embrace them. As a community we need to overcome what is conquering us, we can snuff out the darkness. Pam’s Promise staff loved me right where I was at and they continually gave me the hope to keep moving forward.

I am now in my own place and have a good job. Others have given me a chance to prove myself, what a blessing. I’m bonding with family, healing, and growing up. I am thankful to the staff and board of Pam’s Promise, the house they allowed me to live in, all they offered, and the people in the community who donated so generously. Thank you.

Alesha Reamer



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