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Letter: Attending school events too costly


My five grandchildren are students in Crawfordsville and participate in sports, music and theatre. I am writing to express my dismay and disappointment in the Crawfordsville school system for their exploitation of their students and parents in the fees they are charging for parents and grandparents to attend any and all school sponsored events. My granddaughter is a middle school student who recently performed in the CMS/CHS spring show. To attend the event in person, it was $5 a person, and to stream the event it was $10 plus a $2.94 processing fee.

My grandson performed in an after-school performance and again it was $5 a person to attend. For my daughter and her family to attend, it is $30 and another $10 for my husband and me, $40 for a middle school performance.

Sporting events are no different, the school is charging parents for admission along with being responsible for paying for uniforms and warm up suits.

I had five children and never ever paid to attend a school sponsored event, other than admission to a sporting event and needed equipment was provided. Even then, the fee was minimal. Perhaps the school should have to pay the children for their performances in an attempt to relieve the financial burden imposed by Crawfordsville School system upon parents.

You should be ashamed Crawfordsville schools.

Connie Lehr

Terre Haute