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Letter: Barton backs Molin for Union Twp. Trustee


Union Township lies in the center, most populated area of our county, and includes key businesses, industries, and residential areas. While townships have several key responsibilities, none are more pressing and significant than ensuring adequate fire and emergency medical protection in the unincorporated areas. In the case of Union Township, this includes residential areas such as Twin Oaks, Cox Addition, Stonecrest, Harvest Grove, Cottonwood, Cedar Ridge, Lake Holiday, Chigger Hollow, Brown Addition, Walnut Hills, and many more. It also includes vital industries such as Nucor Steel, Steel Technologies, Banjo Corporation, US Aggregates, IMI, and major highways like Interstate 74, US 231, US 136, SR 32, and SR 47. Lastly, but of paramount significance for emergency protection, it includes schools such as North Montgomery High School, North Montgomery Middle School, Sommer Elementary, and Sugar Creek Elementary. Needless to say, the importance of township government ensuring high-quality fire and emergency medical protection (EMS) for these critically important areas cannot be overstated.

During her time as Union Township Trustee Sally Evans-Molin has remained steadfast in providing high-quality fire and EMS protection in a manner that is consistent throughout the township and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. She eliminated past confusion in areas such as Lake Holiday to guarantee that fire and EMS responds as soon as a call is received and has invested in modern fire equipment such as fire engines, tanker trucks, brush/field fire equipment, and rescue extrication equipment for automobile and industrial accidents.

Much is at stake in the upcoming election when it comes to continuing the vital work of providing strong emergency protection for these critical areas of our community. Sally Evans-Molin has a proven, strong track record and has elevated the standard of fire and EMS protection in Union Township during her time in office. I strongly urge you to please give her your support so that this strong protection is continued in the future.

Emergency situations arise every day in Union Township. The uncertainty of entrusting someone without experience to ensure that adequate protection is provided should be a genuine concern to anyone who lives, works, or travels in those areas.

Todd D. Barton, Mayor

City of Crawfordsville


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