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Letter: Biden inaugural participants heavily protected


According to published state and federal law enforcement agencies there with be a security force in excess of 29,808 law enforcement and National Guardsmen to protect the estimated 1,500 Biden Inaugural participants:

• 21,200 National Guardsmen;

• 3,700  D.C. Police;

• 2,908  law Enforcement officers from various regional agencies;

• 2,000 Capitol Police.

In addition, there are an estimated 18 miles of newly-erected temporary high security fencing, closure of most D.C. streets within two miles of the Capitol and White House, suspension of Metrorail service to the majority of D.C., and Airbnb has cancelled all it’s D.C. reservations (with few exceptions).

The most security for any Presidential inauguration -— all for our most popular incoming President.

Mark Allen



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