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Letter: Cedars questions county’s choice of movers


The front page news in the Journal Review on March 22 has motivated me to write this letter. We hear a great deal about supporting local businesses. And yet our county government chose to go out of town for a “commercial” mover to move several departments from the courthouse to the new location north of town. Did they get multiple estimates? I don’t know. But what I do know is they did not call me for one.

In May it will be 60 years since I started my business. During those years I made it a point to be first in line to give back to my community. Locally, when there were tornadoes or floods we took semis loaded with appliances and many other needed items. We helped Rotary Club with the Mexican Initiative by providing free storage for donated vehicles and turn-out gear for 10 years. We haul donated clothing to Indianapolis for veterans annually. For five years we provided Christmas trees for the courthouse.

Additionally, we took two semis in a convey for 20 loaded with hay for North Carolina farmers after a drought. Trips also were made to Fort Wayne, St. Louis, Sapulpa, Oklahoma and D’Iberville, Mississippi (Hurricane Katrina).

And before a year-long renovation we moved the entire contents of the courthouse to a temporary location. Then we moved it back to the courthouse after the renovation.

Why would the governing body of our county look outside of this county for a mover?

Delbert Cedars

Owner/CEO of Superior Moving & Storage Inc.


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