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Letter: Clean energy vital for Indiana jobs, economy


As chair of the Wabash College Republicans, I understand that climate change and clean energy development are issues that matter to young conservatives. If Indiana Republicans — and conservative leaders nationwide — want to continue winning elections, they need to listen to the voices of the party’s future.

Fortunately, Indiana has Sen. Mike Braun representing the interests of Hoosiers in Washington. Braun has put in the time and effort to bring more Republicans to the table when it comes to climate change, helping form the first bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the Senate.

With a bipartisan coalition of senators this summer, Braun also introduced the Growing Climate Solutions Act. The legislation would make private, carbon credit markets more accessible to farmers, ranchers, and forestors in Indiana and across the country. If passed, this bill would help incentivize the adoption of climate-friendly agricultural techniques and practices, giving farmers access to new revenue streams while letting them be part of the climate change solution. More so, it has widespread support ranging from Fortune 500 companies to leading environmental groups.

This kind of approach is exactly how we need to be attacking the problem of climate change — through pro-growth, market-based solutions that not only allow America to continue lowering carbon emissions, but do so in a way that creates new economic opportunities for hardworking families and individuals nationwide.

Climate change and clean energy are issues that more young conservatives are paying close attention to. Conservative leadership on these issues, like Braun has demonstrated, will not only help strengthen the Republican Party, but will help secure a better future for all Americans.

Bryce McCullough



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