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Letter: Do not empower Rokita


As the U.S. is currently being devastated by COVID-19 deaths due in large part to the inept and farcical response of the Trump administration, run away global warming due in part to the obliteration of rational regulations by the Trump administration and social unrest due in part to the racist taunts of the openly corrupt and bigoted Donald Trump, there arises a new threat to the good people of Indiana, namely, the potential election of Todd Rokita to Attorney General.

Rokita demonstrated his devotion to Trump in his last two years as a Congressman. Rokita, like Trump, has no moral compass, is mean, vindictive and unfit to hold any public office in any jurisdiction. He is certainly not an improvement to the already disgraced and disbarred Curtis Hill. The fact that Indiana Republicans could actually find someone worse than Curtis Hill shows the extent of the absence of morality and leadership within the Republican party.

Please be sure to cast your vote for Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel in November for Indiana Attorney General when you are voting for Joe Biden for President. Indiana will loose much if Rokita is elected. The country may not survive as a democracy if Trump is re-elected.

Michael P. Fons



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