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Letter: Erosion control needed to protect creek


HB 389 that virtually eliminates regulations in Indiana that control erosion causing activities and subsequent degradation of Indiana water was passed by the Governor this week. This week also saw a wildcat developer clear large parts of the bluff above Sugar Creek just south of the Twin Oaks subdivision. This bluff is directly opposite the currently collapsing bluff at Sugar Cliffs. Sugar Cliff’s bluffs were clear cut of timber some years ago. They are now crumbing so fast that houses have been condemned. It is certain that Sugar Creek will change coarse within the current floodplain over time. Should it move to the north the natural barrier is the bluff at Twin Oaks which is now being destroyed of protective vegetation.

I urge people who care about the long term health of Sugar Creek and the adjacent bluffs to express their opinion on this matter to the county building permit issuer, Marc Bonwell and to contact county commissioners, John Frey, Jim Fulwider and Dan Guard to deny any building permits on these bluffs and to have all the logging and vegetation destroying activities ceased. We only have one creek that should be enjoyed for centuries by all. This destructive activity should not be permitted to go forward any longer. Even though the state legislature finds erosion control regulations somehow not worthy of law, it is appropriate to protect the land around us to the best of our ability and our local leaders can exercise leadership and stop this land abuse.

Michael Fons



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