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Letter: GOP leader appreciates Baird’s actions


As the Fountain County GOP Chair, I am writing to commend U.S. Rep. Jim Baird on joining Conservative Climate Caucus in Congress. Hoosier Conservatives have always been strong stewards of the natural world. In West Central Indiana, a major portion of our economy comes from farming. We recognize that we must do our part to protect and preserve our land for generations to come.

Representative Baird and the other Congressional members of this climate caucus clearly share the values of their home districts, and know that we can be part of the solution. But they also recognize that climate change is too big for us to solve alone — too big for even America to solve alone. 85 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from somewhere other than the U.S.

When politicians on the left talk about “solutions” they are often talking about policies that push our jobs overseas to countries where emissions and pollution are not a concern. So overall emissions will go up instead of down, and we’ll have fewer jobs here at home. This doesn’t help American citizens or our planet.

That’s why I’m excited to see this leadership from Rep. Baird and the other members of the Conservative Climate Caucus. My hope is that they will help bring common sense to the climate issue through conservative policies that empower our small businesses, secure our jobs, leverage the free market and reduce global emissions. If Congressional Democrats are really serious about climate change, they’ll use this opportunity to reach across the aisle and work with these leaders for America.

Litany Pyle

Fountain County GOP Chair


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