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Letter: Innocent people are paying debts not owed


The sworn upon oath of the law enforcement officers of this county is to serve and protect; as we’ve been raised as citizens of the United States to put our trust into the hands of the law.

This county has faced battles within county lines that the policeman patrolling our streets have been fighting for some time and we owe respect to those who follow oath.

But, what do we do when we see officers of the law wearing a badge, not following their oath; when their system seems unjust and converted into their own theory of what the law is?

We trust the leaders of this county to choose the most noble of candidates to patrol our streets, expecting our tax dollars provide fair and just encounters with these officials.

We have been let down. We’ve been illegally searched without obtainable probable cause, even with our 4th amendment unwaivered, incarcerated for things we have not possessed (9/10 of the law) but hold charges for, reputations compromised for pure “sport” of detaining.

Some of us have been treated like criminals when we are not; whether we have a criminal background or not.

There is repetition of the same officers doing the same unprofessional things on the streets of our county; every day without good reason. Same scenario, multiple people.

The more people speak up about this, the quicker it can be resolved. We shouldn’t feel like outsiders in our own hometowns. I believe its time we stand up and remind them who pays the tax money to support their wages and their unexcused mistakes.

We do.

Fix it.

Please, for the sake of Montgomery County. It’s getting out of control and innocent people are paying debts they do not owe to society.

While officers of the law don’t uphold their oath in our presence.

Molly Myers