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Letter: Kudos to our local leaders


We are certainly living in a time unprecedented by anything most any of us can recall as we face the uncertainties of the COVID-19 virus. We can listen to daily briefings from our federal government leaders as to how we should respond. These responses have quickly worked their way down into each state, county and city or town.

I would like to commend Montgomery County Health Department for their early and quick response to the COVID-19. Amber Reed, department head, was on top of the issue quickly and before most of us fully understood the ramifications locally. The department has clearly worked diligently to interview infected residents and find a common source of infection. I believe this has given residents great confidence in the department’s competence and skill. It is also clear that there has been excellent communication between Reed and Mayor Todd Barton to act expediently at the local level to limit local spread. These government roles are under a lot of pressure and criticism.

Also, in the middle of an election year, particularly a Presidential election year, Karyn Douglas, has done a great job communicating with the public as quickly as new information arrives, about primary voting, including mail in voting and early voting. This is a quickly moving target.

Kudos to our local government on keeping the public informed with very current information! You are doing a great job!

Thank you, leaders!

April Johnson


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