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Letter: Look at humanity as a masterpiece, gift


This is in response to Rev. Alexis, fellow clergyman, civic leaders, and all public servants regarding the topic of abortion. This topic has been addressed once and again this is a reminder that the conduct of all our leaders and clergy is to be of the highest integrity. Respect, decency, professionalism, protocol, rules, order, human rights, and human dignity are all non-negotiable.

As leaders we are here to serve our fellowman and diligently look after the affairs of humanity. We are also responsible to ensure that all those we serve are treated with integrity, respect, honor, and grace.

In addition, let us be clear. Women and little girls who have had abortions are still valued and loved by God. Our society has a long way to go when it comes to respecting humanity as a whole. I charge those in leadership to not be so caught up in tradition that we forget our duty to extend grace and love of God to those who need it the most. We are not called to condemn we are called to serve.

When we choose to judge others for their past we choose to questions the integrity of the cross. The grace, forgiveness, and love of God goes beyond our traditions, beliefs, and finite intellect. The beauty of Gods love, forgiveness, and grace is that it is the ultimate universal human right sent to us by the maker of heaven and earth. It is unconditional, not up for compromise, and non-negotiable.

My hope is that one day our society will learn to look at humanity as a masterpiece and a gift from God. Only then will our world be a better place.

Christina L. Sharp

Ambassador of Peace, United Nations



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