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Letter: Love your neighbors, wear a mask


We’ve had a difficult last few months (I don’t dare use the word “unprecedented,” which we have all heard 4,000 times by now).

Christians, this pandemic is our time to shine. This is our big chance to show the love of God to our neighbors. If your church is like mine, we often wonder how we can reach beyond our own walls and into the community.  Wonder no more. Wear a mask.

This is the simplest way to show that we love and care about those around us. I wear a mask for the immune-compromised children who live in our area. I wear a mask for your elderly parents. I wear a mask for the person undergoing chemotherapy. I wear a mask for our healthcare workers who need to stay healthy so they can help the rest of us. I wear a mask because if I happen to have Covid and am unaware, I don’t want to be the reason your loved one gets sick. I don’t want to be the reason your loved one suffers or dies.

This is the most basic thing we can do to show our love and you guys, we are dropping the ball. It isn’t always easy to be a Jesus-follower, but this? This is one thing I can get right. I’m wearing a mask. Join me.

Tammy Meyers



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