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Letter: Loy supports Frey for county commissioner


I have been involved in local politics in Montgomery County for some time. Rarely have I seen an elected official like John Frey. Too often I see politicians who pander for votes and are afraid to make tough decisions. As a result, nothing gets done and our community pays the price. But that’s not Frey’s style.

Frey is different. He wakes up every morning ready to listen, build consensus, move forward and deliver. As a result, he ruffles a few feathers from time to time. After all, folks are not used to politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say. But it’s clear, Frey isn’t like most politicians.

Not only do I think his approach is what our county needs, but the fact is, his approach works. Look at the Nucor Corridor. Working as a team with the Montgomery County Redevelopment Commission, shovels are hitting the dirt, pipes are being laid and our county is on the move. With Frey’s leadership, commissioners have taken steps to attract more residents and more industry to our county. What does that mean? That means we will be able to make more investments in things like parks, trails and other amenities. It means our kids and grandkids will want to stay here to raise their families.

Frey’s supported plans to prioritize road improvements, meaning our roads will be repaired and maintained and you’ll see a good return on investment for your tax dollars. With regional partnerships, the county is expanding broadband coverage, so all corners of our county have fast, reliable internet. Frey is focused on planning for our community 10 or
20 years down the road.

As directed by the county’s comprehensive plan, Frey took essential steps to fight industrial wind farms and keep them out of Montgomery County. Earlier this year, the county won a lawsuit which the “big wind” had filed against the county. This win confirms the measures the county enacted to protect our residents, worked.

At the end of the day, Frey is a proud supporter of his county and will work hard every day for you and your family. It’s because of Frey’s work ethic and his commitment to always doing the right thing for his community, that I’ll be voting for Frey this fall. If you want to see continued progress for our county and want to see us reach our potential, I encourage you to vote for Frey too.

Steve Loy





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