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Letter: Morgan backs Frey for commissioner


With Election Day right around the corner, we all have an important decision to make about the future of our county. Montgomery County needs leaders that have a proven track record of hard work, personal responsibility and getting things done the right way. This is why I am voting for John Frey for county commissioner.

I was born and raised in Montgomery County and have chosen to raise my family and run my small business here. For a candidate to earn my vote, they must share my values. I want my local officials to listen to me, do what they say they will do, act with integrity, be a good steward of my tax dollars, work hard and have the experience needed to lead our county. In this election, that candidate is Frey.

From day one, Frey has rolled up his sleeves and gone to work achieving the goals that our community has said are important to us. He always takes into consideration the needs of all residents of the county when making decisions. He reaches out to the citizens and truly listens to what they have to say. He takes the time to research the issues and reach out for public input before making decisions that affect our community. John is not afraid to make the tough decisions and stands by the decisions that he makes. Most importantly, Frey keeps his promises.

Frey has accomplished a great deal in his first term as Montgomery County Commissioner, but there is still much more work to be done for our community.

I support Frey and his efforts to make our community a great place and he gets my vote for Montgomery County Commissioner. If you want to see our county continue moving forward, please vote for Frey for county commissioner.

Aaron Morgan



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