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Letter: Public should demand more answers


To those of you worried about inflation, don’t blame it on President Biden. No one person can cause inflation. Blame it on the 1% of the population, which are the company bosses who set the prices. For the restof us, the 99%, oil companies are making record profits and they are raising prices that affect many industries, including transportation, fertilizer, plastics, etc. Meanwhile, the population struggles and the corporations flourish.

In addition, the disorganized Republican party will try to block all attempts by President Biden to help the American people. They don’t want the President to help the 99%. Their goal is to help those with big money, who are the source of their funding. Instead of doing what’s best for the country, it’s all about how they can stay in power.

Personally, in my 92 years, I have never seen so many terrible candidates, including Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz, J.D. Vance, Kari Lake and all the other election deniers.

The public should demand the reason for the price increases as well as the facts that the election deniers lack. Without the belief in the elections, our democracy will die and we will have an autocrat instead of a President and the freedom we have enjoyed will be gone.

Karl Dickerson



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