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Letter: Reader believes the left trying to silence half the country


This in response to Dan Booher regarding an earlier letter by Mark Allen. I have personally had postings deleted from Craigslist. The issue was that you could vote in Michigan with a driver’s license from another state. I made the comment that if that was correct, anyone could vote in their home state and then go to Michigan and vote again. I was deleted because that didnt meet their “terms of use.”

Shortly after the election a MrGunsNGear on Youtube posted a video. He went to Joe Biden’s website to get all of his gun proposals. Made a video explaining all the guns and magazines that are to be “taxed” and “registered.” This video was not up 24 hours before it was taken down. Rand Paul was doing an interview with George Stephanopouls on ABC. At the start of the interview, Stephanopouls told Rand that Trump was a liar and anyone who believes Trump is also a liar. The interview turned into a shouting match after that.

On Jan. 8, ABC released an article calling for the “cleansing” of the movement of President Trump’s supporters.

These are all facts that can be verified. So yes, Mark Allen is right. If social media or the major news outlets do not like something you say, they will delete you, or if in an interview, will shout over you and not let your opinion be heard. If you protest for something you believe in, you should be “cleansed” The left is trying to silence half of the country.

Steven Wilson

New Ross


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