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Letter: Reader grateful for Chauvin sentence


I find it strange that not one person has written in regarding George Floyd’s murder by Derek Chauvin. For three weeks this five-day a week trial has been horrific, shocking, demoralizing, disturbing and difficult to watch. However, it must be to understand how depraved, malicious, mocking and inhumane this non-human monster, Chauvin, is. Defense attorney Eric Nelson should be jailed for even defending Chauvin.

If Chauvin had been acquitted, it would have proved to me that our country is indeed racist, malicious and self-absorbed in denouncing, denying and destroying Black men and women. For 400 years Black people suffered under the cruel hands of white slave owners, white lynchings, whites murdering innocent Black people who never wanted to come to America in the first place. Who would considering the way we treat our Native Americans and other people of color?

Black Wall Street was destroyed due to the white man’s jealousy of Black success. Upstanding doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, business people in a thriving towns were destroyed. A majority were murdered and whole towns burned down. Black farmers in the ‘30s and ‘40s were denied farm loans or given such high loan rates by whites that they were doomed and set up for failure.

White people attend church, but do they really love God? God loves everyone and is supposed to be a fair God. But all this killing of innocent Black men and women by trigger happy cops has to stop.

I am totally ashamed to be a white person, when all before us in our long history have been so cruel, prejudiced and exponentially ascending to Blacks and Native Americans.

May God bless George Floyd’s family and may he find justice and right the wrongs of four centuries of hate, hangings and hypocrisy of our Black brothers and sisters.

Rita Locker



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