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Letter: Reader says COVID Delta variant affects us all


While many in the community are worried about the COVID Delta variant spreading, many are not. The idea that Crawfordsville School Corporation will be mask-optional with all other COVID safeguards from last year discarded, I have another concern since this new variant is far more contagious and can mutate to become more deadly. My concern affects all of us taxpayers.

I have noticed lawsuits appearing in several states from both sides of the discussion. A smart attorney will know the loopholes of any law placed in any state for either side of this issue. And, while state law protects the state, those laws may not protect local communities. Our local school board is charged with making local policy — not our state.

As a taxpayer who would help pay the debt to any lawsuit in our community or insurance policy increases, I would like to see a parental consent form from every parent with children in our school corporation stating that the parent does not want their child to wear a mask and they are okay with their child becoming ill with COVID, much like we do for the risks of injury in sports.

And consequently, I am a little concerned about those parents who would sign such a form. Maybe, CPS should be provided their names.

Karen Crawford



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