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Letter: Reader shares positive experience


In these times we hear so many negative things. I had a positive experience this weekend.

Sunday I was at a local restaurant when I witnessed the most heart-warming event. There was an elder gentleman eating by himself. I told the waiter that I would like his ticket. The waiter informed me two other people had offered the same thing and that his meal was paid for. As we sat and ate I noticed a young man came to the elderly gentleman’s table and asked if he could sit with him. The man told him yes you can join me. My table was close and I could hear some of the conversation as they chatted for about 15 minutes. When the young man was leaving, I stopped him. I thanked him for his kindness and letting his Christ like spirit shine through.

Thank you, Darian Million of Darlington for your caring soul. We really need more youth like you.

Betty Munro



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