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Letter: Reader troubled Father Miller’s letter to editor


I found Father Alex Miller’s Nov. 20 letter sad, infuriating and deeply troubling as I contemplate the recently completed election and the future of our democracy.

His letter: sad because it demonstrates a profound gullibility of even intelligent, educated, and well meaning people in the face of appeals from an unscrupulous, self-serving, anti-democratic, would-be autocrat who has spent the last four years undermining public confidence in our most fundamental democratic institutions.

Father Miller’s letter: infuriating because it parrots and asserts as fact the unfounded and discredited conspiracy theories generated from deep within the dark web (Russia? China? The ultra right? White nationalists?), and given visibility and endorsement by Trump and his unhinged, melting down lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Father Miller’s letter: deeply troubling because it gives evidence of Trump’s success in sowing division and distrust among loyal and proud Americans, in undermining our public institutions (including our elections), and in attacking our most cherished democratic values (acceptance of clear election outcomes, peaceful transfer of power, etc.)

In the end, however, I hope Father Miller will take comfort in the fact that, although he will not accept him as his President, Joe Biden will be his president. President-elect Biden will be the President for those who voted for him, and for those who voted against him — even if they number six million fewer than those whose votes put him legitimately in the White House.

David Hadley



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Elaine Pickering

Dr, Hadley Thank you for finding the words I couldn't find. I have been agog of the many educated and community minded people I know who have blindly followed Trump on his hellacious march through democracy. I have had to bite my tongue in public or risk being attacked by FRIENDS who wholeheartedly support Trump and his henchmen.

The election was fair, the vote is correct, and Mr. Biden is our President -Elect. Now can we just get on with healing this country?

Monday, November 23, 2020
Mike Fons

I hope father Alex prays for wisdom.

Monday, November 23, 2020
lifelong res

Father Miller has an opinion and has a right to express it. I share this right as well. I find his comments reprehensible as a spiritual leader and as a fellow citizen. He does not dislike Biden any more than I dislike Trump. He cannot question the legitimacy of Biden's election as much as I question Trump's legitimate election. At the end of the day, Miller, and people like him, have to accept Biden just like we had to accept Trump. We may not like the electoral results; but this is a democracy and the people have spoken.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020