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Letter: Reader voices his perspective


I am pushing 50 years old and even though I cannot predict exact future events, nonetheless, out of my whole life nothing has really truly caught me by surprise.

The Great Recession has come and gone. Since then, we shift from Democrat to Republican, then back to Democrat. I imagine we will have Republicans back in charge once again, and then back and forth and so on. After the Recession many touted a recovery. Recovery for many, however, a round of price hikes and small businesses hitting the dirt shows me that when the music and dancing resumes, quite so many souls are left behind.

Now the same thing is happening again but worse. We have a pandemic and are told we are all in it together. With prices going up again and businesses going under, I see a pattern. Once again same stuff, different day. Then of course I hear of the mayor wanting an 18% raise. They will likely get it amid of the average worker getting little or no raise while having to work 60 hours a week just to exsist. If I were a mayor, I would do things differently.

Moving on to state and federal politics and the corporate community. “It is a run for the money and control by popular opinion.” I am glad I am the last of my family line, as my religion includes reincarnation and I would not want to raise children in a world that I would not want to be born in myself.

Just to be clear, I am not interested in a debate and will not respond to any debate, I simply want to air perspectives that support the under represented.

Jason Israel Jones



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