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Letter: 'Review rule' irks reader


I can’t take it anymore! Counting the bowl games, the play-offs and the Colts, I have watched 25 games in less than two weeks. Thanks to the, “play is under review” rule, all these games are lasting from 3.5 to 4 hours. This also includes commercials at every break. You would be amazed if you have ever timed the actual action of a football game from snap to whistle. It is a matter of minutes. Most of the time the officials are correct. Does this mean all those years before the rule that teams were being cheated? Now we have to endure “replay” with all the other sports.

Why not institute the pro rule, whereas coaches must request the replay, and if wrong, suffer the loss of a time out? Wait, that makes too much sense. Another burning question — when did the NCAA and NFL change the uniform rule concerning pants covering the knees? It appears the new vogue is the “bermuda” shorts look. Oh well, enough venting. What time is the next kick off?

Steve House



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