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Letter: School mask mandate is common sense


I find it incredible that a school board, a group who is highly educated, voted 3-2 not to require masks in schools. This vote goes against not only common sense, but also against public health recommendations.

Currently children under 12 are not eligible for COVID vaccinations. This means that basically all elementary students cannot get vaccinated. So what is the best way to protect students? What is the best way to protect those who are the most vulnerable?

Our options for this age group are limited. The very least we can do is require all students in the Crawfordsville school system to wear masks. It is a “no brainer” with infection rates rising in the county. Why should children potentially suffer due to the misguided beliefs of their parents?

To the woman who said: “If God wanted my kids to have a mask, he would have created them with one on their face.” So I guess this means she would not protect her kids from the winter cold with mittens because God did not create them with mittens? How would God create babies born with masks or mittens any way?

Shame on those who put our children at risk.

Mike Reidy



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  • ghendricks

    Those in charge are scared of the consequences from the right wing ding-a-lings. Look at what they did at the capitol. Watch all the videos of them throwing tantrums when "muh rights are being violated" They know those who support science and are actually smarter than a fifth grader, will do the right thing and not cause a scene even if masks are not made mandatory.

    Friday, August 13 Report this

  • beckysoffice

    hahahahahahahhaha, boy are you guys idiiots. READ the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, August 13 Report this

  • ghendricks

    I missed the part of the constitution that mentions masks as your freedumbs Did also miss the part on smoking in public, seatbelts, stopping at red lights, etc? The red Klan keep insisting it is there but refuse to prove it!!!

    Thursday, August 19 Report this