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Letter: Solar, wind are a part of the answer


I have been following solar and wind power since the 70’s oil scare. So here is my piece of the argument.

Solar farms can be utilized by vegetable farmers and sheep farmers while producing electricity. Sheep do less damage then the lawnmowers throwing rocks. Agrivoltaics is a company developing uses for large and small solar fields other than just electric production.

Panels are sealed devices so runoff from rain contains no more hazardous chemicals then when you wash your car. The glass is non reflective so reflections bouncing around the neighborhood only happens if the sides are reflective.

The power is sold to Indiana municipal power authority in most cases. They in turn sell to local municipal power companies like Darlington, Tipmont and CEL&P. All of these power companies have been buying wind and solar power for years and you have been using it.

Fire hazards come from dry grass or shorts in lines with dry grass present. Large power boxes are contained and away from the panel, so access should be as easy as breaking a lock.

Solar fields as we have around here can be reclaimed for farming by removing the poles and panels.

We have had several rate increases and one of those was for cost overruns on a power plant that hasn’t even made any electric power yet. Solar and wind are not a complete or perfect answer, but they are a viable part of the path there.

Ray Faber



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