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Letter: Stop Industrial Solar Group seeks member participation


Did you know that more than 10,000 acres of prime Montgomery County farmland have already been contracted for use as industrial solar parks?

These parks would consist of millions of solar panels, miles of fencing and lines, transformers and substations. Acres and acres of these panels would change the landscape and destroy agricultural land for generations. The panels produce heat, glare, noise and are usually surrounded by unsightly fences and security lighting. Anyone’s property value within eye-shot of these massive power plants could be significantly impacted.

But did you know that the energy produced from these industrial solar plants will not be produced for local use. It will be routed off to larger cities. So, in a very real sense, our county could become a utility plant for a city like St Louis or Chicago. And once you figure in the production and disposal of the panels, the carbon footprint benefit could be significantly reduced.

Ultimately this would impact the employment base of our county. Farmers, local co-ops, ag supply dealers and supporting jobs could be dramatically affected.

Please join us on Facebook at Stop Industrial Solar and contact your state representative: Brian Buchanan, Spencer Deery and Beau Baird to voice your support of maintaining our current industrial solar ordinances.

Stop Industrial Solar Group


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