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Letter: Woman upset by theft at gravesite


During virtually 18 months Americans, as well as millions of inhabitants all over the globe have faced a public health crisis, and in March 2020 a national emergency was declared due to the COVID virus; an event too callous to comprehend in these modern times. Because of the pandemic, we have leaned on first responders, medical teams, elected officials, our clergyman, close friends, and our family members to encourage us, and find comfort. Most of us, not all, have grown more sensitive to the emotions and opinions of others. We have begun to discover the value of a single word “respect.”  During the isolation and loneliness I decided to visit the gravesite of my family members, which is a short distance from my home.

I was shocked, furious and immensely hurt by what I witnessed there. My father was a long-time school teacher, World War II Army veteran and past commander of Bryan Cox American Legion Post 72 in Crawfordsville. He was proud to serve his country and give back to his community. In 2005, the Legion Honor Guard played Taps and presented him with a bronze flag holder. It remained at his side for 16 years.

However, some individual decided the bronze might be worth some money and stole it. Besides being a crime, this is a cruel, cowardly act. I will soon pay to have it replaced. I’m writing this to share with others who have lost dear friends or family members to go often to their place of peace and browse the cherished articles you have placed there in their memory. I will never learn the person who displayed such abhorrent behavior, I would convey to them to grow up, change your irresponsible ways before you really mess up your life.

I loved my father, I miss many things about him, and I appreciated his life. I will replace the flag holder, with a M.S. flag, he will recognize who was there. My appreciation to Steven Middleton and Mike Spencer for your support.

Nancy Elledge



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