Youth Camp

Little Giants host 10th annual youth camp


Wabash College Men’s basketball continues to give back the Crawfordsville and Montgomery county community. This week coach Kyle Brumett, his staff, and current and even former players like legend Tyler Watson, have been putting on their annual youth camp. The 10th annual camp comprises of 90+ students who go through a variety of shooting, passing, and handle drills to improve their basketball skills.

“We’ve seen this camp grow so much since we started it 10 years ago,” Brumett said. “Our first year we only had about 20 or so and last year we had over 100, and now this year we have over 90. It’s just a really fun week for everyone involved and this brings me so much joy. It’s always a blessing to when you can bring back a legend like Tyler Watson to help out. These kids recognize him for what he’s done for our program and to see 10 and 11 year-olds do that is pretty neat. Basketball is becoming more important in Montgomery County these last few years and our local coaches do a great job of promoting the sport.”

The camp isn’t just for any male but also for any young girl who is interested in furthering their skills. Brumett noted how that’s been a big emphasis and how he’s seen those young girls numbers increase each year.

“Those girls who are here are good players and busting their tails to learn just like the boys are,” he said. “What’s cool about this camp is that our first campers have now made it through high school. Another goal of this camp is that I want our players and students to see that they can make a positive impact in their local community. It doesn’t matter where they grew up, but they come invested and ready to give back to Crawfordsville when they get here to Wabash.”

Some of the other programs that the Little Giants do include the reading program at Hose Elementary. Brumett has also taken his teams in the past to speak at the local Kiwanis club at their meetings. At Wabash it truly is bigger than basketball and these current Little Giant players are paving the way for the next generation.