Local business gets ‘shout out’ in magazine

Heirloom Windows mentioned in Fine Homebuilding


Heirloom Windows was highlighted in the December/January edition of national publication, Fine Homebuilding as a leader in residential vacuum insulated glass (VIG) application.

In the article, Fine Homebuilding, features several glazing technologies including Vacuum Insulated Glass, or VIG. Heirloom Windows was the only window manufacturer mentioned using this technology.

The article can be found at and a subscription is required to gain access to page 28, where the article is located.

The article talks about insulated glass and the challenges of energy efficiency with today’s windows. The content from the article is as follows:

“VIG units are a potential game changer when it comes to U-factors (the rate at which a window, door, or skylight conducts non-solar heat flow). An NSG subsidiary, Pilkington produces a line of VIG units called Spacia that have been used in both residential and commercial applications in the US.,” said Kyle Sword, manager of business development for Pilkington North America.

“Units are available in a number of configurations, including one just 1/4-inch thick. They consist of an outer layer of Low-E glass, a .2 mm vacuum space and an inner layer of clear float glass. Spacers of .5 mm diameter hold the two sheets of glass apart. The majority of sales of our VIG units have gone into existing buildings,” Sword wrote in an email. “Much of this is for commercial, but we’ve done a wide variety of residential buildings as well. The product is commercially available and ordered to custom size.”

Sword said a company called Heirloom Windows, uses the vacuum units in the windows it produces, which are designed to look like original windows in historical buildings.”


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