Master Gardeners of Montgomery County

Photos Provided

The Master Gardeners of Montgomery County in conjunction with 4-H Inc. had eight native trees planted on the Montgomery County 4-H Fairgrounds at 400 Parke Ave. in Crawfordsville.

The Master Gardeners Tree Committee, led by Byron Thada arranged to have ProGreen Garden Center obtain and plant the trees. The eight trees planted, all native to Indiana, are Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, White Oak, Shumard Oak, Eastern Redbud, American Hornbeam and Serviceberrys. This is the first step in adding more trees to the fairgrounds helping to beautify our community and to help create a healthily ecosystem for future generations to enjoy and save the beauty of Indiana.

Native plants are what sustains the web of life from the smallest insect to the largest mammal. Native plants convert the sun’s energy into food for insects and other plant eating animals. Many of these creatures rely specifically on one or a few species of plants for life. For example, the larvae (AKA caterpillars) of the Monarch Butterfly will feed only on the leaves and plants in the milkweed family. Without milkweed they cannot survive. Many other require other plants for life. For an example, there are about 400 different insects, moths, butterflies, birds, etc. that rely on the mighty oak tree.

The Master Gardeners currently have a small garden next to the road on the fairgrounds where native and perennial plants are growing to help our pollinators. This fall we are looking forward to being able start breaking ground on a new pollinator/butterfly garden which will also be on the fairgrounds. Once completed we hope to have it designated as a Monarch Waystation and as a Certified Wildlife Habitat sight with the National Wildlife Federation.

The trees will have labels on them soon so you will be able to see the kind of tree each one is. Come out and see the new trees and watch them grow.