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MCMURRY: Golf — the best part of my week


An adequate replacement for sports has been hard to find in the last few months.

I have not attended/covered a sporting event that mattered since March 10. And on top of that I have not competed in anything sports related in a number of years.

This unusual time though has allowed me to gain a better perspective on some of life’s games that we all can enjoy no matter our age.

The golf, tennis, squash, swimming, etc. sports of the world. Ya know ‘country club’ sports.

I’ve played golf as a hobby since I was in high school, and become quite serious about it during the summers throughout college. And when I mean serious, I don’t mean good at it. Trust me, I’m far from good, but serious as in playing on a consistent basis. There are very few golf courses around west central Indiana that Brinton Sieferman and I have not played.

While I have not played as much golf this year as I would have liked to, I’m beginning to understand what the sport truly is. 

Golf is 99% mental. Is there a physical component to it? Yes, but like no other sport, golf comes down to concentration and the ability to have 100% faith in your ability based on where you’re at and how much yardage you have left. Some can hit a golf ball 300 yards, and some only 100, but that doesn’t mean the latter can’t be just as good or even better than the long bomber. Golf is a leisure sport, but also one you can play competitively, either with yourself or a group of people. And the best part is, it’s a game you can play your entire life. 

The most peaceful time of my week comes on Thursday night when I’m on the golf course. Now, I’ve told you about how great the game of golf is, but let me tell you about the people who make it so enjoyable.

Many might say that I should get some friends my own age, but the reality is the lessons I learn, the stories I hear, and the mentorship I receive from men that are old enough to be my grandpa holds a priceless value.

Each and every week I have the pleasure of teeing it up with three or four different guys, and each and every week is a new experience.

So to guys like Dick Baker, Tom Campbell, Jay Fuima, Jim Lee, Harold Mennen, Joe Noble, Alan Personett, Fred Phelps, Vance Pyle (my grandpa), Dick VanArsdel, Stan Walker and many many more — know that your company and wisdom is appreciated by this young man. 

These are memories and life lessons that I will never forget.

Jared McMurry was born and raised in Montgomery County and is the Sports Editor of the Journal Review. He can be reached by email at and by phone at 765-918-8656. Follow him on Twitter @jaredmac26


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