Montgomery County legislators highlight new laws now in effect


STATEHOUSE — As summer kicks off in Indiana, local lawmakers want Hoosiers to know about a wide range of new state laws that took effect this week.

State Rep. Beau Baird (R-Greencastle) said most new laws passed during the 2024 legislative session that took effect July 1, including expanding work-based learning. More Hoosier high school students can apply for a Career Scholarship Account to pursue internships, apprenticeships, and other work-based learning opportunities. The $5,000 scholarship covers certain expenses like training, career coaching, driver’s education, certification and credentialing exams.

“Creating opportunities for high school students to learn more about high-demand career fields and skill up is really essential to them and their future,” said Baird, who co-authored the new law. “I encourage students and their families to check out this scholarship, and local employers can also become program providers and reach the next generation of Hoosier talent. Whether it’s boosting our workforce, protecting farmland or increasing election security, we took action on a wide range of issues this year that matter to Hoosiers, and I look forward to seeing them reap the benefits.”

“No matter what path young Hoosiers pursue after high school, providing them with more opportunities to explore careers is beneficial to them and our state,” said State Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Lizton), who co-authored the new law. “These scholarships could open more doors for students to discover their passion and be better positioned for the workforce after graduation.”

Lawmakers took action on a wide range of hot-button issues this year like honoring first responders. Indiana will recognize firefighters, emergency medical responders, law enforcement and other first responders who go above and beyond the call of duty through the creation of the Hoosier First Responder Medal of Honor. The award could also be presented to the families of first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice for our state.

Local lawmakers also highlighted the following new laws:

• Preventing Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, women with dense breast tissue can be at higher risk for breast cancer and it can be harder to detect. To spread awareness, State Rep. Sharon Negele (R-Attica) authored legislation to inform women with dense breast tissue of their breast density after a mammogram and receive documentation with more information.

“Creating awareness and opportunities for Hoosier women to learn about their breast tissue can save lives,” Negele said. “Early detection is key to tackling breast cancer and with more women learning their tissue type and the associated risks, Indiana is ensuring they have the information they need when considering options for screenings and prevention.”

• Stepping Up For Public Retirees

Indiana’s nearly 90,000 retired public servants like law enforcement and teachers will receive a 13th check to help cover cost-of-living expenses. Existing, dedicated funds will be used to make a one-time, post-retirement payment, which will average about $360 per recipient.

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