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Motz’s enjoying special season for many more reasons than baseball


Crawfordsville baseball is having a special season there’s no question about that. CHS sits at 18-3 and is on the cusp of potentially being named Sagamore Conference champions. But for Athenian coach Brett Motz and his two sons Austin and Wyatt this season is even a little extra special as Brett gets the chance to coach both of sons and Austin and Wyatt are getting to play for their dad. It makes it all the more special because this is the only season where the two brothers and Brett will all get to be part of the same team as Austin is a senior and Wyatt just a freshman. It’s safe to say that all three are soaking up every moment they can.

“I’m extremely thankful for this chance to be able to do this with both of my sons,” Brett said. “Both Austin and Wyatt are performing well which makes it even more special. Sometimes you worry that because they’re playing for their dad, they might feel extra pressure to perform well or worry about what someone else might think if your son doesn’t perform well. I try to what I believe is best for the team at all times and not let those little things influence me. With how this team is performing the chemistry that they have and for my two boys to be playing how they are, this has made this season a very enjoyable experience.”

Just to put some numbers to how well both Motz boys are playing this season. Austin, who has been the every day shortstop for CHS, leads the team with a .453 batting average and is first on the team in hits (34), runs scored (27), doubles (12) and tied for first in triples (2). Wyatt, who didn’t immediately see playing time at the beginning of the season, has made the most of his opportunity ever since being inserted into the lineup. In 16 games he is second on the team with a .444 average and has 10 RBI’s to go along with 14 runs scored.

“It’s been awesome getting to play my last season of high school baseball with my brother and watch him succeed,” Austin said. Being able to be on the same team as my brother and be able to be coached by your dad, it’s something that we’ll never get to experience again.”

Wyatt who came into the season not knowing if he’s see much playing time has earned his spot in the CHS lineup. The work began in the in the off-season when he and Coach Motz starting to change his swing. The results of Wyatt’s hard work have certainly paid off.

“Coming into the year I asked my dad what I needed to work on,” Wyatt said. “I started to play at shortstop then he told me he wanted to see me in the outfield and I’ve just been able to take advantage of the chance and roll with it.”

Most would think that with a pair of brothers who are both having great seasons, a little brotherly rivalry would develop with one trying to out-perform the other. That’s not the case with Austin and Wyatt. Earlier this season it was Wyatt who was the hero for CHS as he collected the game-winning hit in a 7-6 walk-off win. No matter win or loss or who plays well or who doesn’t play well, the brothers know that they will have each other’s backs.

“We both just try and play as hard as we can,” Wyatt said. “Even after we lost the other night we both said that sucks, but we have to learn from it.”

Coach Motz has seen both of his sons be some of the biggest cheerleaders in the dugout for the other. There is no ego or no trying show up one another while out on the diamond. Along with Austin and Wyatt, the Athenians also have another pair of brothers on the team in junior Cale Coursey and his freshman brother Jude. The family atmosphere that is around the team Motz believes has helped build the chemistry with CHS and bring them that much closer. 

“I hear their voices in the dug out cheering for each other,” Brett said. “That makes me even more proud that they are genuinely happy for one another and They’re also there for another if needed. With having two sets of brothers on the team I have to go back and reflect on if why that’s why our chemistry has been so good this season.”

While the Athenians are having a special year Coach Motz is trying to find some time to enjoy and relish the fact that what he is getting to do with both of his sons is something that every sports dad dreams of. It’s not always easy to where both the coach and dad hat, but Brett has done that and get to enjoy this experience every step of the way.

“A study that I always remember and something I use quite frequently,” Motz said. “is that a question on this survey asked what was the most negative experience of youth sports and the overwhelming majority said it was the ride home. It’s always stuck in my head once the game is over that if my son doesn’t have a good game or perform to his best that on the way home or when we get home I don’t bring that up with him. I’m trying my best to try and relish this opportunity the best that I can both as a dad and as a coach because this is a special thing to for me to get do with both of my sons.”

Brett, Austin, and Wyatt are hoping they can make some memories on the field as the last week of the regular season begins on Monday. CHS has four regular season games remaining, three against SAC opponents. Two wins in those three games would give the Athenians the out-right conference championship. It begins with a trip to Frankfort on Monday.

Regardless of the outcome of this season, the Motz family will remember this season for quite sometime.


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