Mustangs to feature plenty of youth in 2022


Fountain Central Volleyball is currently in a youth movement as they begin their 2022 season. The team features just a single upper class men in junior Katie Brown while FC will have four sophomores and five freshman.

Mustang coach Alyssa Larson is making it a point of emphasis to not worry about necessarily what the scoreboard might say in their games this season as she if focused on the much bigger picture of season her young team make strides.

“We can’t really be concerned with what the scoreboard will say because it’s going to take some time for us to figure some things out. We’ll get there I’m confident in that. We have plenty of talent on this team, just not much experience. We’re working on understanding the game of volleyball at this point and understand what to say on the court.”

Communication while important in every sport is crucial in volleyball. Larson notes how she has been pleased with her teams ability to want to communicate, it will just take some time for them to develop a sense of trust and cohesion on the court.

“Normally you’d have your juniors and seniors be the ones to help the younger girls along the way but unfortunately we don’t have that,” she said. “It’s going to take a lot of practice for them to really get familiar with everything. What I loved about these girls so far is that they have the hustle and heart and want to win. They’re super competitive and have a lot of things going for them.”

The sophomore class features Hannah Prickett, Rylee Simko, Josie Harshbarger, and Brailey Hoagland who also runs cross country. The five freshman on the varsity roster includes Jacquelynn Shelley, Kenzie Lewis, Bryleigh McTagertt, Laney Hoagland, and Lillian Bennett.


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