North Montgomery's Baydin Hall earns 2019 Journal Review Boys' Soccer Player of the Year


Over the last decade, the Hall family has been special to the North Montgomery soccer program.

Tristain, Corwyn, and most recently Baydin, have all led the Chargers through tough stretches and to new heights for the program.

This fall was extra bittersweet, with one Hall boy leaving his final mark, and another taking the reigns of the program.

Tristain replaced longtime coach Mike Margeson over the summer, while Baydin led the Chargers to a county championship. The senior earned the 2019 Journal Review Boys’ Soccer Player of the Year with his accomplishments.

Even with six years and a middle brother separating Baydin and Tristain, the two have always had a unique relationship that lives through soccer.

“Even from the time I was four years old and started playing soccer he was outside making me do drills and was helping me become the best player I could be,” Baydin said. “Not everyone can have their brother be the official head coach and it really made my senior year even more special and strengthen the our bond even more than it already was.”

Practice has always been the key to Baydin’s success — and often coming against older, and better competition.

“Practice made Baydin the player he is. Baydin has been playing soccer since he was very young and has played soccer during the offseason for a few years,” Tristain said. “Baydin has learned from playing with high schoolers since he was in grade school. When I was in high school during the summer he would train with us and even when I graduated and my brother Corwyn was in high school Baydin was there training. Even when I was in college I remember Baydin coming to Ball State and playing in some pick-up soccer games with me as well as when I was home from college we would go in the yard and play soccer.”

During his senior season, Hall scored eight goals and chipped in six assists, while leading the Chargers to a country crown, and always doing what was best for the team.

“Baydin has always been a tremendous soccer player. He has the footwork, the endurance, the drive to win, and the natural instincts of the game,” Tristain said. “He has had these traits since we were little kids but the area I saw him develop was his maturity in being a leader for the team as well as doing whatever he had to, to make sure we won the game whether that be creating an opportunity for someone else to score or covering a teams best player for the entire game. Baydin’s leadership helped our team of inexperienced players win county and compete in games this season.”

Through it all, the brotherhood between both Baydin and Tristain, and Corwyn, is what Baydin credits his soccer ability to.

“I feel like I had a little bit of my brothers’ playing styles with them play different positions on the field and then being able to play against them every day really made me a offensive player but also a good defensive player,” he said. “What strives me to be an athlete is the sibling rivalry that my brothers and I have and then I just felt like I could help the younger players on the team grow and I think that really helped me become a leader.”

And it came full circle this fall on the pitch for Baydin and Tristain.

“I think us being close really helped us, as well as our conversation with our parents. We had this rule of what happens at practice stays at practice,” Tristain said. “There would be times at practice I would have to get more out of him and he may not have liked what I was saying but once we stepped off the field we were brothers. On the field is was nice because he knew what I wanted, he felt comfortable enough to come to me and tell he what he was seeing on the field as well as he knew my strengths and weaknesses as a coach and I knew his as a player and we challenged each other to be better.”

Two brothers — one the coach, and one the star player – continuing to help improve North Montgomery soccer, and make it thrive.

2019 Boys Soccer All-Area Team

Tristen Bronaugh — Crawfordsville

Kevin Barrera-Chinchilla — Crawfordsville

Nick Wolcott — Crawfordsville

Cooper Bowman — North Montgomery

Colby Coon — North Montgomery

Baydin Hall — North Montgomery

Jayden Rausch — North Montgomery

Tyler Etcheson — Southmont

Beckett Jett — Southmont

Beck McIntyre — Southmont

Connor Osborn — Southmont


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