Paramedicine program presented at Expo


Crawfordsville EMS Division Chief Paul Miller, City of Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, Purdue University Associate Professor Laura Schwab Reese, Franciscan Physician Network Dr. Joshua Krumenacker, Firefighter/Paramedics Darren Forman, Joe Crane, John Toler, Brian McCoy, Spencer Stevens and Indiana Department of Homeland Security EMS Director Kraig Kinney presented the city’s award winning mobile integrated health community paramedicine programs this past Monday at the EMS World Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mobile integrated health programs have been practiced for many years around the country and are emergency healthcare professions which integrate the roles and responsibilities of those in the field of traditional healthcare with those of EMS professionals. The Crawfordsville MIH program was selected to present based on the robustness of the program’s portfolio and the continuum of care created between the patient, physician and community paramedics.

“It is very exciting to get to show other healthcare professionals around the country a program that we all feel so strongly about,” said Crawfordsville EMS Division Chief Paul Miller. “The Crawfordsville paramedicine program helps bridge the healthcare gap in our community and brings much-needed in-home care initiatives to members of our community.”

The Crawfordsville team presented on a number of their MIH programs which included infant wellness, opioid overdose response, vaccination, fall prevention, and chronic disease programs.

“Being invited to present our paramedicine program on a national stage is such a huge deal,” Mayor Barton said. “More than that, it is a big compliment to Paul and his team on the tremendous work that they are doing for our community. This is the first fully integrated program of its kind in the state and one of the first in the country, and a lot of future programs will be based off of Crawfordsville’s.”

The EMS World Expo is an annual EMS focused education conference, hosted in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. The exhibits, events and workshops are meant to help first responders learn new skills and improve practices.


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