Potential threat causes CHS lockdown


A report of a potential threat Friday afternoon at Crawfordsville High School caused the facility to lockdown its classrooms while law enforcement officers investigated.

“This afternoon we were informed from multiple sources of a possible threat at CHS,” said Crawfordsville Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Bowling.

The original report was from a parent who received a text message from an unknown number stating that there was a weapon at Crawfordsville High School. The parent then texted their student at CHS who proceeded to tell classmates about the threat which prompted multiple calls to the school and local emergency dispatch center at around 12:35 p.m.

“We immediately went into lockdown,” Bowling said. “The Crawfordsville Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrived and did a thorough sweep of the building.”

In conjunction with law enforcement, it was determined that the report was not credible.

School officials stressed that Friday’s incident was not a drill, and that parents, students and staff are notified in advance of scheduled drills.

Dozens of schools across the country have undergone lockdowns this past week because of “swatting” or placing fake phone calls to 911. Swatting is a dangerous trend that runs from coast to coast.

“We are so grateful for the support we received from the police in this matter,” Bowling said. “We will be working with law enforcement to try to identify the source or sources that led to this disruption and hold any potentially responsible parties accountable.”