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Retired teacher writes Bible study


Over the last few winters Mel Vance, a retired Biology and Agriculture teacher for North Montgomery, has spent his time writing a book. “The Upside Down Gospel Bible Study,” is a Christian book designed for both individual and group Bible studies.

“The Upside Down Gospel Bible Study” got its name from the Book of Acts 17:6 where the apostles are accused of turning the world upside down, according to Vance.

The book consists of 20 lessons based on Christian teachings, covering topics such as faith, grace, righteousness, repentance and others. It also has questions throughout from chapter quizzes to thought provoking questions to spark discussion, Vance said.

The inspiration for this book came from not being able to find a book that covered all the aspects Vance said he believes should be taught in church.

“I put together this Bible study series because if you visit many Christian bookstores these days, you don’t find a lot of Bible studies that cover the whole gamut of Christian doctrine,” Vance said.

After going through a publisher for his first book, “The Blackness out of Utter Darkness,” about 10 years ago, Vance decided to completely self-publish the book with the help of his daughter and son-in-law who live in North Dakota.

Vance said all proceeds of his book will be donated to local charities, like the Crawfordsville First United Methodist Church Rainbow and Rhymes scholarship fund. “The Upside Down Gospel Bible Study” can be found at His Time Bookstore on south Washington Street in Crawfordsville.


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