Honoring a Hall of Fame Career

Thank you, coach Froedge



“I would like to thank Coach Froedge for being one the best examples to me. It was a great pleasure to have him as a coach on the baseball field but I consider a greater blessing knowing him as a the person he is. I can’t thank the Lord enough for the blessing he placed upon my life. I wish Coach the very best in retirement and hope and pray that he is blessed abundantly still to come. Thanks Coach!” — John Cummings, Class of ‘91

“Congratulations! Thank you for everything you have done for the CHS baseball program. You have shown that consistent coaching of fundamentals and sharing of baseball knowledge, will win championships and most of all, gain respect for all that have played for you. I will forever cherish my time playing for you and coach Welliever. Your guidance spiritually through FCA was certainly a corner stone and building block for the rest of my life. I consider you a coach, counselor, teacher, mentor, but most of all I consider you a friend and one of the best men I’ve ever known. Thank you again for all that you did to get me ready to succeed in this life. Good luck with the bees!” — Eric Hopkins, Class of '91

“I would like to thank coach Froedge on the culture and leadership he has developed over the past 35 plus years to not only the baseball program, but to the entire Crawfordsville Community. He has had such a positive influence to all the student/athletes at Crawfordsville High School. Thank you for everything you have done for me on and off the field.” — Scott Motz, Class of '91

“The life lessons he taught us as young men are the same lessons one needs to be successful in life. It is a testament to Coach’s success that he was able to instill this mentality into his players. I guarantee Coach Froedge takes more pride in the success of his former players as men than he does in any wins or championships. This tells you all you need to know about Coach as a teacher, coach, father, and mentor.” — Sean Tomey, Class of '92

“Thank you for your incredible dedication in making Athenian Baseball all that it was, is, and will be as you step away. You have set the bar high and we are all confident that it will continue to thrive and keep the amazing tradition you built over the years!” — Darren Haas, Class of '93

“Thank you Coach for teaching life lessons through the great game of baseball. I would not be the man I am today without you.” — Kevin Kirsch, Class of '93

“Enjoy your retirement with your family. You will be loved and missed. I will leave you with two quotes that sum up my baseball career playing for ‘The Great One.’ — Sweat and blood is what we gave you, victories and trophies is what you gave us. Every game I played was fueled by two things — motivation to become a champion and an obligation to do justice for a legendary coach.” — Chuck Perry, Class of '93

“I’m beyond thankful to call myself an Athenian and to have played a small part in the Athenian baseball journey. Your leadership influenced me significantly and I’m thankful that God allowed me to be a part of the Athenian baseball program. Enjoy this next season of life with your grandkids and family, sometimes God saves the best for last.” — Shane Powell, Clas of '93

“Coach was always at the field, he loved what he did and it showed.  As a coach today, I understand that my passion as a coach will translate to passionate players.  Coach never expected more from his players then what he was willing to do himself.  Coach took every opportunity to teach ownership, responsibility, and discipline.  Many of his players have been highly successful in life because of these disciplines learned during our time with coach.” — Jeff Bannon, Class of ‘94

“I was able to continue my baseball career after high school with the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization, so I was around some of the best coaches in the country. With that being said, the best coach I have ever played for or been around was Coach Froedge. Coach Froedge was instrumental in my development as a player, but most importantly he prepared me for life after baseball through the importance of family, hard work, and dedication. I was truly blessed to have had the opportunity to play for Coach Froedge and be a part of the best baseball program in the state of Indiana.” — Matt McCarty, Class of '94

“Memories of playing Cville Baseball: Always feeling prepared tow in no matter who we were playing, summer baseball road trips with teammates in the vans, and the way our teams truly played as a team. Our 1995 state tournament run when there was a single class.” — Brett Motz, Class of '95

“I am grateful for my time as a player and a coach at CHS. Coach Froedge was a great role model for his players and coaches. He taught me the importance of setting high expectations for my players and teaching our guys the right way to play the game. His knowledge of the game and preparation are unmatched. His focus on fundamentals and player development are some of the many reasons he is one of the best coaches the state has ever sen. In my current roles as a high school principal and varsity assistant baseball coach, I apply many of the lessons I learned during my time in the CHS program. Best of luck and congrats on an awesome career.” – Jay Strickland, Class of ‘96

“My Dad always cared a lot more about the person than the wins and losses. The success ultimately came from trying to do things the right way and getting a little better each day.” — Brandon Froedge, Class of '99

“Coach Froedge and the Crawfordsville baseball program allowed me the opportunity to gain experience and build my confidence as a pitcher. Looking back, a lot of dedication and discipline were required in order to achieve the level of success I did. You don’t always realize that at the time. A couple of great memories come that come to mind: Coach Froedge coming to several of my minor league games, as well as getting to coach against him.” — Brandon Moore, Class of '04

“My best memory is after we won the state championship game. With coach Froedge you can’t have cutoff sleeves, you can’t wear your hat any other way than straight forward. You wear your pants down or everybody wears them up. And we got back on the bus and everybody has their hats on backward after winning the state championship, just waiting for coach Froedge, because we knew it would be the only time we’d get him to lighten up about that kind of stuff, and he gets on the bus and just has the biggest grin on his face and he turns his hat around backward and everybody cheers.” — Cameron Hobson, Class of '08

“Wish him (coach Froedge) the best in everything that he wants to do. No matter what he’s going to do, he’s going to be successful. He’s going to work hard and put in the effort and the time, I just hope he can take a backseat and enjoy time with his family and grandkids.” — Steven Rice, Class of '10

“I just want to say thank you to coach Froedge for all the things he taught me in high school. He taught us how to be consistent, work everyday, and improve not only as baseball players, but as men. It was more than baseball with him. It was about growing young men into good people. That’s what I’ll remember about coach Froedge.” — Joel Hobson, Class of ‘12

“Enjoy retirement, and don’t let Debbie work you too hard.” — Jordan Jackson, Class of ‘13

“Coach Froedge invested so much time into the Crawfordsville Baseball Program to make it what it has been the last 30+ years. He cared about his players and he cared about teaching the game of baseball the right way. Anyone that had the privilege to play under Coach Froedge became a better person and a player because of it. He will very deservingly go down as one of the very deservingly go down as one of the best high school coaches to ever do it in Indiana. Thanks for everything coach!” — Trent Johnson, Class of '17

“Coach Froedge pushes you to be the best you can be on and off the field. Even though we did win a lot of baseball games, he recognizes that there are more important things than the outcome of games. He taught us how to play baseball the right way but what stuck out to me most about Coach Froedge was his faith. He played an important role in me achieving my dream of playing college baseball.” — Cam Saunders, Class of '19


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