Wabash offers great value for international students


Wabash College is ranked 47th among the best national liberal arts colleges that offer great value for international students, according to Study Abroad Aide.

Ranking liberal arts colleges according to performance, value and affordability, Study Abroad Aide ( highlighted Wabash as one of the 50 most outstanding liberal arts colleges throughout the country that provides both high-quality and budget-friendly education for students around the world.

“One of the things that sets Wabash apart from other schools is that we have a diverse group of international students, as we enroll international students from South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe,” said Amy Weir, Director of International Programs. “That encourages our international students to find friendships with students from countries besides their home countries, including with domestic students.”

Additionally, Study Abroad Aide ranks Wabash inside the top third among degree-granting institutions worldwide based on academic reputation, international and total student enrollment, affordability, and value.

“Wabash College celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures woven together by our international student community, each thread adding brilliance to our collective experience,” said Chris Dixon, Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions. “Students are empowered to engage in groundbreaking research, immersive learning experiences, and vibrant extracurriculars, all with small class sizes that offer unparalleled access to professors. To be recognized for our global inclusivity is not just an honor, but a testament to the warmth and acceptance that define the essence of our campus.”

This fall, the College will welcome its largest new international student cohort, nearly 40 students representing 17 nations.

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