Dancing With The Stars

YSB announces this year’s dancing duos


Nine dancing duos will put their best moves to the test to help raise money for the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau.

The local nonprofit agency that empowers youth to become responsible citizens through delinquency prevention, education, advocacy, and direct services is bringing back its main fundraising event — Dancing with the Montgomery County Stars. The event is coming back after a three-year hiatus due to the global pandemic. The fundraiser will be held May 20 in Knowling Fieldhouse on the Wabash College campus. It is expected to draw a crowd of 800 people.

Participants were announced Saturday at the Youth Service Bureau building following a kickoff breakfast.

The dancing duos (star/pro) are Dan Rogers/Anna Templeton; Cameron Cole/Kashawndra Cooper; Austin Earl/Stefanie Deaton; Jason Anderson/Ashley Clute; Colton Meadows/Georgia Taylor; Brad Monts/Katie Wallace; Jake Moore/Kaylynn Keedy-Ranspach; Nick Sommer/Ashley Kight; and Hannah Thompson/Preston Dildine.

“We are very excited to be able to bring the event back,” said Jane Christopherson, YSB staff member and DWTS organizer. “The money these dancers help raise goes directly to helping kids, and we are so grateful to all of you for doing this.”

The dancers will work together over the next few months perfecting their moves and soliciting funds from community members.

The goal is to raise $70,000 through table sponsorships, ticket sales and community donations.

“I’ve been in the audience for several years and now I’m afraid what people might see, but you know what it’s for a great cause and it’s going to be entertaining, and I look forward to being able to raise money for the Youth Service Bureau and provide entertainment,” Monts said.

His partner Wallace , who is a veteran dancer, said, “I’ve reached the age where giving back is more important than anything else, and what better way to give back to the kids and the community.”

Like Monts, Rogers attended past events and is excited to move from a seat in the audience to the stage.

“I’ve attended several times, been in the audience and enjoyed it, and thought how in the world did they convince people to actually get up on stage to the do that … but I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Three years ago, Earl was just learning about the YSB, and has since immersed himself in the agency, including volunteering with Nourish program. He knows how hard the agency works to serve the community and is excited to help.

“I enjoy working with the Youth Service Bureau, and if you do not know these ladies, you need to get to know these ladies because they are some of the nicest, hardest working women around,” said Deaton, Earl’s partner and six-time veteran dancer.

Moore, a deputy prosecutor, added how excited and honored he is to be given the opportunity to participate. As a Teen Court volunteer, he knows how beneficial the YSB is to the community.

Keedy-Ranspach, a first time pro and Moore’s partner, also praised the YSB and shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

“As a social worker in the community I get a front row seat to see all the cool stuff the Youth Service Bureau does and all the kids it impacts, so it’s an awesome opportunity,” she said.

Kight, a third-year veteran and teacher in the North district, said, “I’ve seen the impact the Youth Service Bureau has on our kids in our community. They do a lot of great things. I’ve had the privilege of volunteering as a CASA, so I love everything that the YSB does.”

Thompson, owner of Maxine’s on Green, is coming back for her second year. Her first year was in 2020, but the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“I am extremely excited and happy to be back this year,” she said.

Thompson believes participating in this fundraiser is one of the best ways to pay it forward. She wants to show all those people who helped her get through that difficult time how much they are appreciated.

Her partner, Dildine, is a veteran dancer, and he also is looking forward to the event.

“I think the Youth Service Bureau is one of, if not the most important, organization in town,” he said. “The youth of our town are our future and if we don’t cultivate love and safety and hope in them, then what is our future.”

Currently, the YSB is selling sponsorship tables. Individual tickets will go on sale online at www.mcysb.org in the near future.