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I still take the Sunday New York Times, though God knows why; I never actually read it anymore. Its motto should probably be changed to “All the news that fits one side of the … more
DANVILLE, Ind. — During the Spanish Flu pandemic a century ago, Indiana Gov. James P. Goodrich and President Woodrow Wilson barely played a role in the public response, despite the fact that it … more
At 7 p.m. on Earth Day (April 22), League member John Smillie kicked off the Youth in Climate Action online program on Zoom from his home. He introduced viewers to a trio of Indiana’s most … more
When Ann Jarvis died on May 9, 1905, her daughter, Anna Reeves Jarvis, began a campaign to honor her mother as a way of celebrating all moms as a group. On May 12, 1907, she held a memorial … more

INDIANAPOLIS — Your odds of being killed in a car crash are one in 102; being struck by lightning, one in 15,300; dying in a plane crash, one in 205,000; being eaten by a shark, one in 4 … more
About 26,000 voting age adults in Indiana cannot vote, yet they influence the outcome of Hoosier elections. They are the 26,000-plus state prisoners who come from all over Indiana but are considered … more
  The phrase “education for democracy” jumps off the page, but sinks back into the page because confusion and disagreements obscure its meaning. Rancorous arguments rage regarding … more
One of my favorite jokes involves an election in a mythical town in which there are 1,000 Christian voters and 250 Jewish voters. There is an election for mayor featuring a Christian candidate and a … more
INDIANAPOLIS — For most of us waking up last Friday morning, the news that eight Hoosiers had been killed in a massacre at a FedEx facility wasn’t so much a surprise, as a … more

It’s so easy, in the course of our day-to-day lives, to get caught up in the political preoccupations of the moment. What’s the Senate going to do about the filibuster? How should … more
When we were kids, we used to marvel that we could “see” our breath. “Cool,” we’d say as a car whizzed by and the moisture from our exhalation crystalized around … more
Tick, tick, tick. It’s 100 seconds till midnight. Scared yet? I guess we’re supposed to be. That’s the current time on the Doomsday Clock, which was created in 1947 by the … more
  INDIANAPOLIS — We are now in the “Super Majority Era” of Indiana governance. While there have been 20 Democratic House and Senate super majorities, and 49 for Republicans … more
Remember hanging the laundry on the line? The fresh air smell of laundry, beaten soft by the breeze and the bleaching power of the sun on the whites? There was always something to that extra effort, … more

There is a bit of an unexpected tussle going on right now in the statehouse. You see, the Republican supermajority did not expect to have any problem pulling more money away from public education and … more
During my tenure as president of one of the nonprofit boards I served on, there was a dispute between board members and the executive director over something the director proposed to do. He … more
As Washington turns its attention to infrastructure and other matters of policy, the Senate filibuster isn’t commanding quite the same headlines as it did a few weeks back. But that’s … more
INDIANAPOLIS — If there was a silver lining after a horrible year of pandemic, it was that the Hoosier Hoops Holyland and its ancient cathedral (Hinkle Fieldhouse, among other venues) would … more
The presupposition at the beginning of a leadership program was that a strong ego is a predictor of leadership potential. The leader would command respect, overcome obstacles, and get things done. A … more

None of my best friends is black. OK, I apologize. I did that just to get your attention. We have become so race conscious in the last couple of years, I figured that sentence would cause … more
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