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INDIANAPOLIS — For the past four decades, I’ve covered the Indiana General Assembly as a reporter and monitored it as a columnist and publisher. What occurred on the House floor and out … more
Profound apologies to my brother. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote of hating him for basking in 70-something sunshine in Texas while hapless Hoosiers were shoveling through several … more
When I was young and under the scourge of thinking I knew it all now, I made an argument with my father claiming that the will of the majority ought to prevail, such was the crux of democracy. My … more
INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a reason that President Truman had a sign on his desk reading “The Buck Stops Here” that became ingrained in American culture. There’s a reason … more

An ancient proverb teaches, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger” (Proverbs 15:1). After two and a half millennium we have still not learned. Fighting words … more
By 21 years old, Frederick Douglass declared himself free, sailed to New Bedford, Massechuttsets, paid the $1.50 poll tax and voted for the first time. He voted again the following year, 1841. … more
Is U.S. citizenship still worth something? That is such a grimly disheartening question because of where it came from. I did not hear it from the usual “America is awful” crowd, the … more
INDIANAPOLIS — When Donald Trump sent out a tweet in July 2016 saying that Mike Pence would join him on the Republican ticket, it commenced one of the most extraordinary political odd couples … more
There was an interesting moment in Washington at the end of January, on Antony Blinken’s first full day as secretary of state. Meeting with the press corps that covers the State Department, he … more

If there’s one thing we know about 2020 in the middle of our terrible pandemic and amid the granfalloon of the national political campaign, it’s that millions and millions of Americans … more
The huge banner between columns of the Roman Catholic Cathedral heralded over the streets of Cape Town, South Africa — “ANTI-CORRUPTION.” The Archbishop explained to visiting … more
May I just say that I hate my friend Sofia today. She’s in Phoenix, where the expected high is 74. I’m not too crazy about my brother Larry, either. He’s in Hill Country, Texas, … more
It’s a custom with each new year to take stock, reflect and make plans to improve. 2020’s calls for justice reform invite us to consider where Indiana sits with incarceration. The Prison … more
Man’s best friends are becoming more and more helpful. They have been trained to sniff out bombs and drugs and lost hikers and long-buried bodies. Now, there are dogs that can smell … more

Volunteers enhance many activities that promote our social good and flourishing. Praise of volunteers at the Montgomery County COVID-19 vaccination site is timely. We are fortunate that the … more
With the handoff of power from one president to another, we enter this new phase of our national life in deep distress. We are divided and polarized, struggling to communicate reasonably with one … more
INDIANAPOLIS — The fissure snaking through the Republican Party comes down to what appears to be Donald Trump’s chaos wing, and Mike Pence’s constitutional GOP. And in Pence’s … more
In 1984, Delthorne Graham ran into a Charlotte, North Carolina convenience store to get orange juice to stabilize his blood sugar. Seeing the line to pay was too long, he put down the juice and … more
I noticed in a couple of recent news reports that Indiana has been made safe again for the bald eagle, which is a simple piece of good news worth celebrating in this era riven by an angry partisan … more

“Soul of the nation” echoes from those wishing to save the soul of the nation, albeit with different goals. Civil discussion requires agreement on what is “soul of the … more
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