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Holding the Covered Bridge Festival with all the virus going around would be insane! Let’s wait till next year. And be safe and healthy. Allan Bates Kingman more
As the yellow buses once again grace our roads and streets, carrying that most precious of cargo back to our school buildings, I want to pause and say a giant thank you to our teachers. Unless we are … more
A recent letter to the editor by Robert McRoberts is appropriately titled; “Reader does not like masks.” Because that is all his letter proves. He simply doesn’t like them. He … more
I know a lot of people who actually have to work hard for a living in these factories where if its 85 degrees or 90 degrees or hotter are having trouble breathing. I can’t imagine. I worked in … more

Our country was founded in 1776 and John Lewis is the first African-American to have the honor to lie in state in our country. If this does not destroy the false statement of no racial … more
I was glad to read Michael Fons Friday letter to the editor on President Donald Trump. I felt vindicated and resolute in wanting Trump removed from office or voted out in November, whichever comes … more
As the U.S. is currently being devastated by COVID-19 deaths due in large part to the inept and farcical response of the Trump administration, run away global warming due in part to the obliteration … more
On July 6, ICE announced that international students with valid student visas would be forced to leave the United States if their university moves its classes online due to the pandemic. I was … more
As I watch police departments all across this country come under attack, it struck me as profoundly sad that there were so few willing to publicly stand up in support of those police men and women … more

The results of the recent primary election should serve as a wake up call to Montgomery County Commissioner John Frey. Every week for at least two months before the election, citizens’ … more
On June 9, (with heavy heart) I read in the Journal Review the 4-H Inc. decided to limit attendance to the county fair to only exhibitors and immediate family. For over the last 40 years, we have … more
Backyard chickens are a simple and inexpensive hobby. They make enjoyable pets and provide a most basic sense of self reliance enjoyed by people everywhere in the world. Sadly, somewhere along the … more
As many of you know I am a man of few words and I do not recall the last time I have written a letter publicly. However, this time I felt that it was time to speak out and express my views while I … more
I want to personally take this time to thank all our local officials, candidates and delegates for all their hard work and devotion to this community. I also want to say that I have been praying for … more

I tried to fight the urge to write this letter because I realize that with the protests turning violent the tide of most of the sympathy has been pushed to the background. And to be honest watching … more
If you knew that you could take a medication that would prevent your getting the flu, wouldn’t you take it? What is the difference between a pill and a face mask? I don’t think there is, … more
I write in response to the comments directed at Dr. Hadley’s June 8 letter calling for decency in the White House. President Donald Trump’s actions and comments on Twitter are clearly … more
In response to the Democrat whose letter appeared in Monday’s Journal Review with his plea to remove “this despicable person” from the White House. Where is the Democrat party? … more
I have read with interest and watched news feeds on television and one thing is certain, people love bashing the President. I am one of millions who voted for Donald Trump and since he was elected, … more

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Montgomery County voters, Clerk Karyn Douglas, the poll workers and all the other folks who made the election process run smoothly. COVID-19 made the … more
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