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What kinds of mobile apps are performing the best?

Flippa analyzed research from to determine which mobile apps are growing the fastest.

Which cities offer Asian Americans the best opportunities to financially thrive?

MoneyGeek ranks nearly 200 U.S. cities based on population, educational attainment, income and homeownership to determine the best and worst cities for Asian Americans to prosper.

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Are homeowners using their home equity to pay for home improvements? Do they even know they can?

Rocket Loans reports on the financing options homeowners have available to them for home improvements.

VC investment in Latin America outpaces these US tech hubs

Revelo charted venture capital investments in Latin America compared to six rising U.S. technology hubs, using data from LAVCA and NVCA.

Teachers are burnt out. The amount of time they get for planning might help explain why.

Teacher planning time is a valuable resource that not every educator gets much of. HeyTutor analyzed NCES data to see how it's changed.

States where it's easiest–and hardest–to charge an electric vehicle

ConsumerAffairs reports on the states with the most and least infrastructure to support the growing demand for electric vehicles.
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Average personal savings of Americans
MoneyGeek reports on personal savings by income level, demographic, educational attainment and more.
5 steps to automate expense management reporting
Ramp explains the benefits of automated expense reporting for any business.
U.S. math scores have declined since COVID-19 and states strategize to improve proficiency reports on the decline of math scores among U.S. students since COVID-19 and what educators are doing about it.
Newer vs older cars: Which lasts longer?
Cheap Insurance compares the pros and cons of owning an older car vs. a newer car.
What is the average cost of a wedding in the US?
Rocket Loans breaks down the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. today, from the dress to the venue and more.
Small business grants are available for veterans
Next Insurance reports on how veterans can take advantage of small-business grants for their growing ventures.
These states lead the nation in truck accidents—you might be surprised how many there are used Department of Transportation data to rank states by the number of large truck-involved crashes they experienced per capita.
Get the best credit card for your startup
Ramp explains what startup owners need to know before applying for a business credit card.
US consumers now carry fewer than 4 credit cards on average
Experian reports that consumers are carrying fewer credit cards and offers tips on managing them.
Substitute teachers keep schools running. Here are the best ways schools can attract more amid the shortage.
HeyTutor analyzed survey data from Red Rover to break down the factors substitute teachers prioritize when deciding whether or not to take an assignment at a school.

How much income do you need to enjoy a middle-class life in your city?

SmartAsset determined the income ranges for a household to be considered middle class in 345 of the largest U.S. cities, as well as each state.

6 ways digital accessibility is good for business

To identify the areas where digital accessibility efforts improved performance for most businesses, accessiBe analyzed 2023 survey data from Level Access.

10-year-old Dogecoin wallet sold doge tokens too early, missed out on more than a million dollars in profit

Benzinga looks at how the unpredictability of the crypto market can contribute to some investors selling at inopportune times, missing out on larger profits.

Financial aid falling short? Here's 6 ways to close your college funding gap

Experian compiled six ways that can help students and families pay for the cost of college in addition to financial aid
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Energy-efficient home improvements that can help lower taxes in 2025
Rocket Loans reports on energy-efficient home improvements to consider for tax savings in 2025.
Where can you live most comfortably on a nurse's salary?
MoneyGeek analyzed nurse salaries in 109 metro areas to find the U.S. cities where nurses make the most after taxes and living expenses.
Seasonal hiring: 5 tips for hiring seasonal employees for summer
Next Insurance provides tips for summer hiring, including pay rates, insurance requirements, benefits and pitfalls.
A tale of two nurses: How average travel nurse compensation compares to all US nurse salaries
Vivian Health used its proprietary data and BLS statistics to map differences in pay between registered travel and staff nurses across the U.S.
Charge card vs. credit card: What's the difference?
Ramp explains the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages of charge cards vs. credit cards for your business needs.